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I cheated a little this time and used store-bought brownies but next time I’m going for gold and using my favourite brownie recipe, Fudgy Chocolate Brownies.
I can’t believe it, I am as Italian as you can get, and I have never tried semifreddo, where have I been. Semifreddo in Italian literally means half cold, but in fact, semifreddo is quite cold, it just doesn’t freeze hard like ice cream. The recipe is very easy, you prepare a custard base (a mixture of eggs, sugar, and vanilla), referred to as zabaglione (in Italian) and you fold in whipped cream. I absolutely drooled over Chocolate Shavings Raspberry Semifreddo, the semifreddo looks like a soft, fluffy pillow with swirls of raspberries. Hi Grace, I’m making dinner for my girlfriend tomorrow and to be honest I was struggling to think of something to make for a dessert so I’d like to thank you for this recipe it’s going to work great with the rest of the meal.

I guess we are swapping desserts this weekend, I’m looking forward to trying yours too. Clara since watching MasterChef she is fast becoming a favourite, in fact, I just purchased one of her cookbooks, looking forward to trying more of her recipes.
When I first starting reading food blogs I came across Aran’s site, cannelle et vanille, her food photography and all the wonderful desserts and pastries she makes has so inspired me and I find myself drawn to her blog day after day. I used a basicВ chocolate genoise and I decided to fill the cakes withВ white chocolate mousse. Using the pastry big fitted with a tip of your choice, decorate the top of each cake with the white chocolate mousse. It begins in July and I am hoping to one day create a stunning dessert that Aran seems to achieve so effortlessly.

If you’re going to substitute the white chocolate I would recommend not using the gelatine.
The white chocolate mousse was very light and creamy and it was a nice contrast to the dark chocolate genoise. If you’re going to use the same yield, 12 ounces of chocolate, melt chocolate over water bath, set aside and let it cool for a few minutes, meanwhile whip 12 ounces of heavy cream to soft peak, and then whisk in one-quarter of the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture to lighten, then fold in the remainder with a large rubber spatula.

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