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The Paleo diet, taking inspiration from the eating habits of the hunter and gatherer civilizations, promotes a nutrient rich diet comprising of good quality plants and proteins. During the hunter-gathered civilization period, the most prized food items including egg yolks, marrow, fish eggs, and organ meats were reserved specifically for the pregnant women and lactating mothers. The grass fed meats and wild catch fishes that are advocated by experts of Paleo diet are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
Appropriate levels of Vitamin B9, also called Folic acid or Folate, is required to protect the unborn baby from spina bifida, which is a defect of the neural tube that can lead to closure of spinal column and spinal cord. Paleo Pregnancy: The Paleo Guide For Pregnancy - How To Eat And Stay Healthy During Pregnancy (Paleo Diet, Diet Guide, Pregnancy Health) - Kindle edition by David Dolore.
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In fact, supports of the Paleo diet completely shun modern foods such as dairy products, grains, and chemicals with the belief that the human digestive tract is not evolved in such a way to flourish on such food items. Sebastien Noel, Paleo expert from Quebec, advocated that these kinds of food products are encouraged during pregnancy as they are rich in nutrients, and contain high amounts of vitamin K2, D, E, and A, as well as abundant amounts of proteins.
On the contrary, corn fed meats and farmed fishes are known to contain high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. Therefore, women who are trying to get pregnant must ensure that their diet contains sufficient amounts of folate as the development of spine takes place during the first 28 days of getting pregnant, sometimes even before that woman realizes that she is pregnant. According to the writer of ‘Everyday Paleo’, Sarah Fragoso, Paleo nutrition is prefect during pregnancy as the expectant mother can absorb more nutrients and vitamins that are present in Paleo diets, which are essential for healthy pregnancy.
All these vitamins are fat soluble and necessary for the bone density and formation of the unborn baby.
It is important for pregnant women to consume omega 3 fats as they support the brain development in infants.
Since the paleo diet contains appropriate amounts of iodine, which is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, it is a good choice during pregnancy.

Paleo foods such as asparagus, leafy greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are good sources of folate.
Good supply of omega 3 fatty acids in the paleo diet can be found in tuna, herring, mackerel, wild catch salmon, shrimp and crab, trout, grass fed lamb, beef, and bison, spinach, broccoli, omega 3 eggs, seeds, nuts, and cauliflower. Paloe goods rich in iodine include tuna, salmon, herring, perch, haddock, sea bass, seaweed, kelp, and cod. Taking folic acid in this natural form also provides abundant antioxidants to the body, which cannot be gained by taking multivitamins.

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