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If you pay any attention to the latest diet fads, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that low-carb, high-fat diets are all the rage. Several recent studies question the link between saturated fat, which accounts for about half the fat in bacon, and heart disease.
An addition, recent studies show that the vitamins found in bacon, niacin and choline, have incredible health benefits. And speaking of life expectancy, you won’t need any more proof of bacon’s health benefits when you hear about Pearl Cantrell, a 105-year-old women who made headlines last year when she claimed that eating bacon is the key to her longevity. So the next time you have a bacon-hatin’ naysayer warning you about your bacon consumption, just send them this article to convince them otherwise.
OK, well, the extremely biased opinions of the various “beef boards, fish factions, and chicken coalition’s” have had their free reign for the last 50 years, so I think it’s finally time to hear what the actual doctors, nutritionists, University studies and medical tests have to say on the matter of bacon’s nutritional benefits to our health. Pork Powered Protein: The protein found in bacon is extremely valuable to maintaining our energy levels and a fully functioning, healthy body, with a minimum of those nasty, waist, thigh and butt expanding, fat building carbohydrates.
Bacon actually has less total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than many popular cuts of beef and chicken. Bacon’s Brain Building Business: Bacon is chock full of a very important nutrient called “choline,” which helps increase our intelligence and memory, from conception to Senior Status, and has been shown in University studies to help fight off the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic mental impairments. Effective Mood Elevator: Bacon makes you feel happy, satisfied, blissful, which greatly reduces stress in our lives and effectively relieves the negative effects of frustration, self deprivation and sense of lack in ones existence. Some people also choose to avoid nitrates and nitrites by (C) cooking their bacon in the microwave, however, some medical research shows a strong correlation between micro-waved proteins (all meats and proteins, from beef to fish, from cheese to eggs and even milk) and cancers caused by protein mutation under the conditions of microwave bombardment, so we recommend using the oven, 400 degrees, 8 to 10 minutes per side.
Universally Beloved Flavor Enhancer: Because bacon tastes so amazingly awesome, we’re a LOT more willing to set many of our finicky ways aside to enthusiastically eat many of the boring, icky, lack-luster, “so called,” healthy, nutritious food items that are supposedly good for us, as long as they come wrapped in bacon or with lots of bacon bits broken up and served with or within them. While We Heart Bacon – Bacon Heart’s Your Heart: While people over the years have mistakenly made jokes about bacon being a leading contributor to heart disease, actually there are in fact, several studies that show that the Omega-3 Fatty Acids and “choline” found in bacon can actually protect the heart from developing detrimental problems, as well as actually help HEAL such anomalies, after they have occurred! Unlike the Omega-3 Fatty Acids supplements derived from fish sources, the one’s that come from bacon aren’t chock fully of poisonous mercury, like most of the popular fish oil versions are. Subscribe!Enter your email address below to enter our FREE Contest Giveaways, and to keep up to date with our upcoming events, new products, sales discounts, articles and posts.
Let’s look at six common pork myths and, why you can have your bacon (and pork chops and ribs and prosciutto) and feel great too.
A pig raised in a happy and healthy environment is going to yield delicious, nutritious meat – rich in good fats and other nutrients. Pigs should be raised outdoors, in the sunshine, fed a normal, omnivorous foraging diet to minimize the likelihood of harmful parasites in the first place. Historic traditions for preparing pork meat throughout the world included smoking, salt-curing or marinating the meat in something acidic for a period of time before cooking. Assuming the participant were eating conventional meat, it’s important to note that factory raised pigs will be at greater risk of passing on greater levels of arachidonic acid in the form of the fatty Omega-6.

A pasture-raised pig will not be injected with hormones, antibiotics or other drugs so these potential cancer causing agents won’t be passed on to you. As we discussed above, factory pork will be high in omega-6 fatty acids which is linked to heart disease and other health problems when consumed out of proportion from other fatty acids.
Thankfully, pastured pork is a great source of essential, healthy saturated fat, which, despite common modern beliefs, is actually essential to health.
Nitrates and nitrites are words many people will associate with bacon, processed meat, and hot dogs. Studies have been conducted over recent years showing that, not only do nitrites live in our own saliva but that there may even be benefits to ingesting them for treating certain heart related diseases.
Prepare your pork properly using traditional methods whenever possible (marinated or traditionally pickled or cured). I love bacon too but after years of research, I found the data supports the instructions of my Creator. I cannot even tell you how nauseated and sick I get when I smell it cooking in a cafe or restaurant.
I definitively love my bacon and only wish I could find a better source than modern supermarket bacon.
The best place to get healthy pastured pork is from your local farmer – depending on where you live. If you're new here, please subscribe to get FREE updates and like my Facebook Page for new natural health articles.
We have always been told not to eat fatty foods, saturated fats and certain animal products for the good of our health. DIY Organic Beauty Recipes reveals 50+ step-by-step recipes for making your own all natural, non-toxic, organic beauty products.
While some fish has less fat and cholesterol than bacon, bacon has more protein power and does not contain toxins such mercury. From bacon, we receive: 65% of our Recommended Daily Intake of Thiamin (Vitamin B1) as well as 47% of our Niacin (Vitamin B3), 38% of our Vitamin B12, 36% of our Zinc, 24% of our Vitamin B6, 22% of our Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 22% of our Phosphorus, 10% of our Pantothenate, 10% of our Magnesium, 9% of our Iron and the Protein to fat balance in bacon is actually 4 to 1, which is one of the highest protein to fat balances found in any meat, fish or fowl found on Earth. So bacon Omega-3 can not only help prevent heart disease, as well as lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation and improve circulation, but also help you to avoid mercury and other toxic poisons being regularly spewed in our planet’s oceans.
On the other hand, a pig that’s raised in a place with limited mobility, unsanitary conditions and inadequate food options will produce meat that may taste good, but it will not benefit your health. That’s because the diet of factory raised pigs mostly consists of GMO corn and other grains, not the scraps, slop and grasses that a pastured pig is allowed to forage for naturally. On the other hand, conventional pork pigs don’t spend time outdoors, and their close quarters also mean they’re at a higher risk of contracting diseases. Potential for disease means your future pork will be injected with hormones and antibiotics necessary to keep them alive. The ones that are given separate areas for waste and mud bathing and given water to rinse off in will be healthier.

Their preference is to use a good wallow and shade for cooling off but when they must they’ll pant to cool themselves.
And this one entitled “Time to bust the myth of saturated fat’s role in heart disease, says cardiologist.” In addition to saturated fat, bacon contains monounsaturated fat which increases HDL or the good type of cholesterol.
Researchers from ETH Zurich find that diet including niacin-rich foods like bacon may increase life expectancy.
A lot of people have abandoned that practice for faster, easier meals and because we have refrigeration to keep meat fresh longer.
During the remaining 20% I still try to eat healthy but I try to lighten up and not be so darn fussy. These studies also show that the low-fat diet fad has actually been detrimental to our health. Check out “The Nitrate and Nitrite Myth: Another Reason Not To Fear Bacon” by Chris Kresser. And Susannah Mushatt Jones, who recently celebrated her 115th birthday, eats 4 strips of bacon every day. Afterall, health is not just what we put in our bodies, but also our psycho-emotional state as well. In the long term, weight …7 Bad Foods That Are Good For YouJuly 17, 2015You've been misled by dumb dietitians.
My husband and I are in love with bacon, but I’d like to find a healthier version of it.
One tip if you are concerned about nitrates and nitrites, Vitamin C helps to neutralize them. Salerno’s latest “diet” book, “Fight Fat With Fat.” An important component of the diet is the inclusion of healthy fat sources including nuts, olives, avocados, and yes, your beloved bacon. Also, it is very uncommon for humans (and actually all omnivores and carnivores) to eat animals that are not herbivores, the pig being the notable exception.
I write from my heart about topics that move me, and share recipes that will nourish your soul. So for me, even though the science says its okay, my instincts or sensitivities or something like that keep it out of my kitchen.
Pigs are similar in many ways to humans thus they are often used in research for human disease.

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