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Assessment of intestinal permeability is a very sensitive, non-invasive technique to detect and manage small intestinal disease in dogs.
The normal small intestine is lined by finger-like villi covered by absorptive epithelial cells which form an effective barrier between the lumen and the lamina propria.
Permeability testing can be more helpful than intestinal biopsy alone in the detection and management of intestinal disease.
Application of permeability testing to identify dietary sensitivity as the cause of intestinal damage is illustrated in the figure below. Intestinal permeability has been shown to be increased in approximately 50% of clinical cases with SIBO, even when there are no histological abnormalities. This figure shows that dogs with high permeability after 4 weeks antibiotic therapy are 3 times more likely to relapse despite an apparent clinical response to treatment, and continuation of antibiotic therapy is therefore recommended.
The second function of the epithelial lining of the GI tract, is to prevent the absorption of larger macromolecules which should not normally penetrate through the intestinal barrier.
When the intestinal mucosa of the GI tract becomes damaged, the damaged cells become unable to properly produce the enzymes necessary for digestion and absorption.В  The other consequence of intestinal permeability is malabsorption of nurients. Intestinal permeability dysfunction should always be considered and assessed by proper laboratory testing when a person has autoimmune disease, systemic inflammation, depression, fatigue or any other degenerative or inflammatory condition.
New Gluten Intolerance Tests from Cyrex Labs Give Deeper Insight into Gluten Intolerance and autoimmune conditions.
1) If you have celiac disease, you have a leaky gut (loss of intestinal barrier integrity).
3) Research is showing that the autoimmune process can be halted (or even reversed), if the intestinal barrier is restored to optimal health. I have used Cyrex Lab Testing for over 2 years now and I can tell you that the testing Cyrex labs offers is unlike any other. The main issue with standard gluten intolerance blood testing is that it only looks at antibodies to one component of gluten called alpha gliadin.

This is problematic because if gluten is in fact destroying someone’s health and he or she does not test positive for alpha gliadin but is in fact sensitive to the other components (for example Gluteomorphin), then that person who should avoid gluten, would be cleared to eat gluten containing foods. Another extreme downfall in gluten intolerant testing is the fact that food proteins other than gluten can react in the exact same way as gluten. A prime example of the importance of having these foods tested is in the case of those suffering from celiac disease. Dr Hagmeyer can use the results from these tests to develop a personalized course of action to improve the underlying immune dysfunction and create a better quality of life. In general, your doctor may test for Hashimoto's disease if you're feeling increasingly tired or sluggish, have dry skin, constipation and a hoarse voice, or have had previous thyroid problems or goiter.
This shows test results in a 3 year-old Golden retriever with chronic vomiting and diarrhoea. Normalization of intestinal permeability following 4 weeks of antibiotic therapy indicates successful repair of mucosal damage. Differences are more marked after 3 months of treatment as dogs with high permeability are approximately 8 times more likely to relapse. When tight junctions of the intestinal mucosa are compromised, they become widened and permeable to large undigested food compounds, toxins and bacteria.
The gut-brain barrier in major depression:В  intestinal mucosal dysfunction with an increased translocation of LPS from gram-negative enterobacteria (leaky gut) plays a role in the inflammatory pathophysiology of depression. The Naperville Instiute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions uses the most advanced testing in Gluten sensitivity and Gluten intolerance.
You cannot develop celiac disease (or many other diseases for that matter) without having excessive permeability of the small intestine. Going on a gluten free diet will heal the villi of the small intestine in celiac patients (or at least it should, but according to this study, only 8% of adults diagnosed with celiac disease ever fully heal…8%!!! There are MANY factors (in addition to gluten) that contribute to increased permeability of the small intestine: poor intestinal flora, parasites and other infections, food allergies and intolerances*, NSAIDS, alcohol, antacids, antibiotics, chemotherapy and stress (just to name a few).

While gluten is one of the biggest contributors of impaired intestinal barrier function in all humans, regardless of the person’s genetic expression of autoimmunity leading to increased intestinal permeability to macromolecules (gliadin is a key trigger of zonulin release), there are other contributors of a leaky gut as well. Now, before you go getting too excited, that statement does not mean that if a celiac heals their intestine they can resume eating gluten without suffering a relapse. Standard blood testing for gluten intolerance typically tests positive only after their has been extensive damage to the gut or other tissues. As mentioned earlier, standard testing for gluten intolerance only tests for antibodies to one component of gluten, alpha gliadin.
High permeability pre-treatment indicated intestinal damage which resolved on a chicken and rice exclusion diet with relapse on dietary challenge, indicating true dietary sensitivity.
These micronutrients are absorbed directly into the epithelial cells or between the cells and enter the bloodstream after passing through the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), the underlying intestinal immune system.
What it does mean though, is that if you heal your intestine you may be able to prevent the development of additional autoimmune diseases and cancer. Since autoimmune conditions such as Celiac disease and Hashimoto’s,  Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetes, have gluten and genetic components, this test would be of use for those with a family history of autoimmune disease. Many foods can cross-react like this, however, this test looks at the 24 most common foods that cross-react with gluten.
This is important because not all who are gluten intolerant test positive for alpha gliadin. Since gluten intolerance is highly associated with celiac disease, markers for autoimmune celiac is included with this test.
Testing for intestinal permeability is important in the recovery from long-term gluten exposure.

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