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Understand the suitability of your compound for oral dosing by using our Caco-2 permeability assay to predict human intestinal permeability and to investigate drug efflux. Cyprotex's Caco-2 Permeability assay uses an established method for predicting the in vivo absorption of drugs across the gut wall by measuring the rate of transport of a compound across the Caco-2 cell line. Studying the permeability of compounds across a Caco-2 cell monolayer is an established in vitro model to screen for oral absorption and to evaluate the mechanism of transport. For the validation, a set of compounds were screened through Cyprotex's Caco-2 Permeability assay over 3 separate experiments. Figure 1 The graphs illustrate the consistency of Cyprotex's Caco-2 Permeability data over 3 separate experiments for the apical to basolateral assay. Figure 2 Graph illustrates the efflux ratio of a set of 21 compounds generated by Cyprotex's Caco-2 Permeability assay. The relationship between Caco-2 permeability (using pH7.4 HBSS buffers in both the apical and basolateral compartments) and human intestinal absorption is displayed in Figure 4.

Caco-2 permeability screen is considered to be more representative of human absorption in vivo than PAMPA (parallel artificial membrane permeability assay).
A bi-directional Caco-2 permeability assay is performed where the transport of the compound is measured in the apical to basolateral direction as well as the basolateral to apical direction.
Cyprotex deliver consistent, high quality data with cost-efficiency that comes from a highly automated approach.
The cells have characteristics that resemble intestinal epithelial cells such as the formation of a polarised monolayer, well-defined brush border on the apical surface and intercellular junctions. On day 20, the test compound is added to the apical side of the membrane and the transport of the compound across the monolayer is monitored over a 2 hour time period.
Two reference compounds, atenolol (paracellular transport) and propranolol (passive transcellular transport) are screened alongside the test compounds. It is important to note that this plot is influenced by the accuracy of the intestinal absorption data.

In addition, lucifer yellow, a membrane integrity marker, is co-incubated with the test compound at the start of the experiment.
Atenolol and propranolol have known human absorption of 50% and 90% respectively2,3, and can be used as markers for ranking the test compounds. Thirdly, the Caco-2 data can be used to predict blood brain barrier (BBB) permeability (Figure 3).
In this paper the human intestinal absorption has been extracted from various sources and varies considerably in quality. To identify if P-gp is responsible for the efflux of the test compound, verapamil, a P-gp inhibitor, can be included in the test compound incubation.

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