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For the last month or two my diet has consisted of the following: eggs, sausage, oatmeal, almond butter, protein powder (the brand I prefer is called Titan and carried by Complete Nutrition and it has a lot of qualities I like, but the seal on that deal was its low carb content), Publix rotisserie chicken, cheddar cheese, frozen mixed vegetable meadly, cottage cheese, sugar-free jelly, sweet potatoes, and Diet Coke.
Other: I would snack on cheese if I got hungry between meals, take my Titan protein after working out, and drank a good bit of Diet Coke. This entry was posted in Eating and tagged Bodybuilding, diet, eating, goals, Paleo, planning, weight loss by romaneski.
You can find a great deal of information about Paleo online, and I’ll write something up about it in the near future (if only because it overlaps heavily with my own philosophy about nutrition), but the bare bones of it is that you are supposed to eat as though agriculture never got invented.
Some people will tell you that you can’t have dairy on Paleo, but I obviously ignored that. While the above was my schedule I followed it haphazardly at times and wasn’t tracking what I ate very thoroughly.

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So let me describe my diet as of last week, my methodology for having it, what kind of results I think I was getting, and why I think it needed to change.
The philosophy behind what I want to do is a Carb-Cycling Diet: you starve your body of starches for a long period to cut fat rapidly, then restore the necessary carbohydrates in one shot periodically.
And sugar-free jelly is obviously a product of space-age sorcery, so it’s not Paleo either.
The reason I landed on Paleo was because it seemed like a somewhat structured version of where my nutrition philosophy is evolving to as far as how it proscribes what to eat and what kind of nutrients the body needs.

Basically, I wanted to try something that seemed low-carb and Paleo seemed a good structure for that. To help you with your meals, it is best you look for a Paleo furta plant - La Compagnie des Gazelles I have studied nutrition for 20+ year and have read several diet books trying to unlock the diet secret .

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