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Dr Betty Martini will be joining as this week guest to В talk about the devastating links between Aspartame and birth defects, premature labour and infertility. The amount of People seeking help for Infertility has risen dramatically over recent years with one in six now seeking help to get pregnant.
The same Harvard-based study that linked low-fat dairy products to one kind of infertility linked full-fat dairy products with the opposite effect: “Successively higher intakes of ice cream” show promising results, its authors write. Replacing chicken and red meat with vegetable sources of protein might reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility, write the authors of the Harvard-based study that yielded this stat.
This is chemical which is in lot of products on the shelves and a lot of products that people use such as Diet and Sugar free drinks, candy & sweets, Chewing gum toothpaste and health supplements. Women who eat lots of low-fat dairy products face an 85 percent higher risk of ovulatory infertility than women who consume little or no low-fat dairy products.
Women who consume at least one daily serving of whole milk are more than 50 percent less likely to experience ovulatory infertility than are women who consume less than one serving of whole milk per week.
Fat and cholesterol are building blocks for hormones, so eating full-fat dairy products while attempting to become pregnant “is sound advice,” says Alice Domar, an assistant professor of obstetrics at Harvard and author of Infertility Explained: The Complete, Authoritative Guide to Everything You Need to Know on Your Journey to Parenthood.
Women who consume at least one alcoholic beverage per day have a nearly 50 percent greater risk of ovulatory infertility than women who drink no alcohol. Women who are exposed to large quantities of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a synthetic chemical used in the linings of microwave-popcorn bags, face an infertility risk ranging from 70 percent to 134 percent higher than that of women with the least amount of PFOA exposure.
Men who eat a traditional Dutch diet have sperm counts nearly twice as high as do men who eat a fish-and-produce-based diet. One group of men ate the meat-and-potatoes-based diet that the study’s authors call “Traditional Dutch”; the other ate what the authors call a “Health-Conscious” diet high in produce and fish. Women who eat large quantities of omega-3 fatty acids are 22 percent less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis—a common cause of infertility—than women who eat little or no omega-3s.

Women who consume large quantities of non-heme iron—the kind found in lentils, spinach, and supplements—have a 40 percent lower risk of ovulatory infertility than women who consume little or no non-heme iron. Women who consume at least 5 percent of their daily calories in the form of vegetable protein rather than meat protein have a 50 percent lower risk of ovulatory infertility than women who consume only meat protein.
Because past fertility studies on milk were inconclusive, “we compared low- and full-fat dairy products as an exercise in thoroughness,” says Jorge Chavarro, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard University and coauthor of this study and of The Fertility Diet: Groundbreaking Research Reveals Natural Ways to Boost Ovulation and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant. The Dutch diet’s beneficial factor “might not be the meat and potatoes,” Chavarro speculates. Of the many infertility-causing conditions, ovulatory disorders are the ones that studies show respond most strongly to dietary changes, Chavarro says.
SodaВ causes weight gain in all the wrong placesIf you consume excess sugar in the form of soda, there’s a high chance it will lead to excess fat on your body. Soda doesn’t make you feel fullThe sugar in soda is roughly 50 percent glucose, 50 percent fructose. This is different than consuming fructose in the form of whole fruit, which also contain fiber and can be regulated properly within the body.This is dangerous because it means you’ll consume soda on top of your normal diet and won’t feel the difference of the added calories. Soda accelerates agingAll of the anti-aging products on the market suggest that people don’t even want to age at a normal rate. Drinking soda can lead to insulin resistanceInsulin resistance is the gateway to metabolic syndrome, which can be described as a group of risk factors (including high blood pressure and excess fat around the waist) associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.The primary role of insulin in the body is to direct glucose from the bloodstream to the correct cells. Soda consumption can contribute to heart diseaseHeart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease or heart and blood vessel disease, is the number one killer in the USA – and it’s the last thing you want to develop!Complications of heart disease include heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, and cardiac arrest. Diet soda is associated with severe brain disordersThe artificial sweetener aspartame, also known under the brand names NutraSweet or Equal, is an ingredient in many diet soda brands that’s been linked to several different brain disorders, including seizures, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors.Many epilepsy patients are instructed to avoid diet sodas by their doctors. The sugar in sodas can be addictiveAnyone who’s ever attended the birthday party of a young child knows that sugar highs are real.Sugar triggers the release of the neurotransmitter hormone dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel good.

Soda is seriously bad for your teethThe pesky phosphoric acid I mentioned earlier – the one that interferes with calcium absorption and can lead to osteoporosis – is also a nightmare for your teeth.This acid can lead to tooth decay, tooth rot, cavities, and gum disease. Some sodas contain highly toxic flame retardantsFlame retardants are typically present on items that, you know, you don’t want catching on fire.
But I bet you didn’t know that many sodas, particularly citrus flavored drinks, contain flame retardants in the form of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) as well.BVO is used as an ingredient in sodas in order to stop the flavoring from separating from the drink.
Soda cans are lined with a resin that’s been linked to infertilityYou may have heard of the epoxy resin bisphenol A – better known as BPA. Soda cans are often lined with BPA, which acts as a barrier between the metal and the drink.
BPA is a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to diabetes, infertility, and reproductive cancers.Both Coke and Pepsi have been working towards a BPA-free plastic bottle, but they have not yet committed to developing BPA-free aluminum cans for their sodas. Soda provides zero nutritional benefitOne final reason to give up soda is that there’s virtually no nutritional benefit to be gained by drinking it in the first place!It’s a can of empty calories that will only end up hurting you. While avoiding the sight of soda is unrealistic in the long-term, you can still use this strategy to avoid temptation by bypassing your regular purchase points.Replace your favorite drink. Try replacing soda with another beverage that isn’t full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. At first, it’s a good idea to record how much soda you’re drinking so that you know you’re not consuming too much by accident. As a natural nutritionist who consulted with couples about the problem using only detox and diet, I assure you that it works, especially if both the male and female work the program together, which I usually suggested start a minimum of six months before considering a pregnancy.

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