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Dr Betty Martini will be joining as this week guest to В talk about the devastating links between Aspartame and birth defects, premature labour and infertility.
The amount of People seeking help for Infertility has risen dramatically over recent years with one in six now seeking help to get pregnant. Another artificial sweetener commonly used in diet soda is saccharin, and these sodas should be avoided completely in all stages of pregnancy. According to the research in United States, soft drinks are the leading cause of infertility among men, especially if you are lean. If I could find a way to have all the signs in Times Square flashing, "LORALEE LOVES DIET COKE WITH THE POWER OF A THOUSAND BURNING SUNS!!!!!" it would probably a much more accurate portrayal of how I feel about "imbibing in the dark waters". Because my zeal for the bubbly is known by EVERYONE, many people give me Diet Coke products as gifts. First Karl Lagerfeld splashed some of his signature style over a signature Diet Coke bottle and now Nails Inc.

Now Diet Coke enthusiasts can pretty up and polish their nails in style with "The Diet Coke City Collection", a quad of nail polish colors inspired by some of the hottest fashion cities in the world -- 'London' is a trendy nude color, inspired by Brit passion for cool fashion.
This is chemical which is in lot of products on the shelves and a lot of products that people use such as Diet and Sugar free drinks, candy & sweets, Chewing gum toothpaste and health supplements.
Diet soda also contains caffeine, another substance that can be harmful during pregnancy in large amounts. Most doctors agree that when used in small amounts, diet soda containing Aspartame is safe for pregnant women, but no more than one or two eight to twelve ounce servings should be used each day, as the maximum limit. Study found out that if men frequently consume sugar sweetened drinks like soda, soft drinks can deteriorate the semen quality leading to infertility in men. While I feel embarrassed and lame about it, I also realize that becoming a victim of identity theft and having the front of my car mangled due to a cowardly hit-and-run driver the DAY AFTER giving up Diet Coke (aka--MY BEST FRIEND AND SOUL MATE) would be a little much for anyone that loves it the way I do. While I love the Diet Coke paraphernalia that has been sent to me over the years, much of it really isn't overly useful or something that I can use every day.

Different diet sodas use different artificial sweeteners, and one sweetener may be considered safe during pregnancy while another may not, so it is important to know which sweetener is used in which diet sodas. I have Diet Coke t-shirts, jewelery, art and I even tried to convince the husband to name our last born "Dietcokeicus".
It is better to avoid unsafe diet sodas while pregnant, so make sure you know which artificial sweetener is used before you drink diet soda while pregnant. Researchers asked them a series of questions related to their food habits, lifestyle and diet.

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