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Indian vegetarian lunch recipes for guests,best lean meats list,best diet plan to lose belly fat fast - For Begninners

I clicked two south Indian lunch menu plans last week, having posted one already last time, this week wanted to go for a north Indian lunch menu. For this menu, I had methi leaves frozen, so my job was easy making it, if you too plan to make methi recipes, you can clean and freeze it when you are free, you can do it while watching tv or talking over phone. Are you looking for easy Lunch menu- Find 4 different South Indian Variety Rice Lunch Menu Ideas in the link below or click the picture to take you to that page.

Find easy Indian Vegetarian Lunch and Dinner rnenus here.You will find the pictures of the spread and recipes in the link provided. Along with that bought vazhaipoo (banana flower) and I usually cook it as soon as I buy, otherwise I will keep forgetting or postponing, that it would become spoilt.

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