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By maria on October 28th, 2011 19 Comments We had bought lot of vegetables form the market so we decided toВ Cook Indian Vegetable Stew! The best part is Indian Vegetable Stew is healthy, mouthwatering, delicious and the most awesome recipe I have tasted and made till date.
Fortunately my pet loves corn so ate the stewВ quietly without cribbing for non vegetarian food. Vegetarian recipes have always been at the core of the Ayurveda and of the Hindu living principles.

Spiritually minded people that find cooking only vegetarian recipes a difficult task, should consider how difficult it really is to live a spiritual life on non-vegetarian recipes. Ayurvedic wisdom provides a deeper insight into the reasons why you really should stick to vegetarian recipes, even if the meat-industry would ever get rid of mad cow disease, antibiotics and other horrifying stuff.
Vegetarian recipes provide the most efficient nutriment for the human system, because plants form the basis of the food chain, closest to the source of life itself, which is solar energy. The body of a meat-eating individual is continually in a state of drugged hyper-arousal, creating chronic tension, anxiety and feelings of insecurity and confusion.

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