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When cool, remove the chicken pieces, RESERVING the cooking water, and mix the milk and the stock (water chicken was cooked in) together and make up to 2 cups adding more water if required. The great Indian 'kari', which stems from the word for sauce in Tamil, is known to have originated sometime during the ancient Indus civilization. Chicken curry cooked with a special Kolhapuri masala that uses bold flavours of peanut oil, bay leaf, black pepper and cloves. In Northern and Eastern India you will be served with a hearty curry bursting with garam masala and other spices along with crisp naans.

For instance, ghee (clarified butter) or vegetable oil is used predominantly in North India and coconut oil lends it unique flavor to Southern curries. Made with boneless chicken, cashew nut paste, khoya and coconut, murg rezala is an absolute treat.
It is a very spicy curry with chicken chunks cooked in a medley of local flavours like coconut, cashews and white poppy-seeds.
The meat should be cooked delicately and can be bathed, steeped, stewed or simmered in the gravy.

Add chopped green chillies and turn the flame high, then fry them together mashing the tomatoes a little till the liquid almost dries up.Then add the chicken pieces and turn flame to low.

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