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Though there will be elaborate plans in my kitchen like preparing Chicken pepper fry and Chicken Biriyani with the chicken bought from the market, the first thing that’ll go on the stove to get ready is this Simple Chicken Soup recipe. A bowlful of this hot and warming Chicken Soup gives me strength to execute my elaborate meal plan. Adding a little more salt, freshly ground pepper and coriander leaves just before serving gives a fresh touch to the soup. Mix the soup in the bowl gently before you spoon, since the ground pepper and cumin wills settle at the bottom. But your comments can make me forget all my tiresome efforts I spend in deciding, preparing, cooking, shooting and composing a recipe post just for you! We tried your recipe yesterday it turned out excellent and your step by step instruction with pictures was very helpful .After having it I felt the same taste as I could have from any popular chettinad chain such as Anjappar or Karaikudi. Substituting sunflower oil in place of sesame oil in this Chicken soup recipe has no problem.

Since this Chicken Soup can be made quickly and easily, I set it first thing on the stove while I do the preparation work for the pepper chicken fry or the Biryani. Like most of my recipes, this Kozhi Soup (Chicken Soup) is also a family-taught recipe, very authentic!
If you are in a Vrat (Viratham) or if you wanted to make this soup recipe for a Vegetarian friend, you may refer to this Mushroom Soup recipe (Kaalaan soup recipe). Allow the mixture to come to a boil (takes 5 minutes) in high flame, then reduce flame to Medium-LOW and cook for 15 more minutes (until the chicken becomes tender).
We are now using broiler from shops.Here in US, we get it either from Apna bazar, where they used to freeze the chicken or super markets where they used to process and freeze the chicken.
Avoid adding coriander powder, without adding coriander powder the soup tastes really good and looks clear which is more appetizing. Best Chicken Soup can be prepared only with freshly cut organic chicken, I mean, what we call ‘Naattu Kozhi’ in Tamil language.

Scroll down and up, navigate to pages, explore and learn on the recipes: the origin of the recipe, stories about them, and remarks on them.
There is also another Chicken Soup recipe – a spicy version (no, its Spppiccccyyyy version) which we have it along with rice. If you sneeze right after taking the first spoon of the soup, it means the pepper is doing it’s duty. You can also coat the pressure cooker with the oil first put the chicken pieces alone fry for a few seconds till they turn white(ish) then add other stuff and do as you have listed. I can guess or figure out what might have gone wrong or if I missed out to put any essential points in my recipe post.

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    Flour can be used as a substitute fiber.
    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein copper, manganese.
    Did You Know?Sunflower seed manganese, selenium, various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper.
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    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein seeds are loaded with protein, fiber flour can be used.