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For vegetarians or those trying to cut down on meat because of its relatively high calorie content, Indian cooking is ideal.
Don’t forget paneer (Indian cottage cheese), which can be cooked as per the tandoori idea above, or in a spicy sauce. I would have forgiven the lecture about cleanliness, lack of culture, lack of table etiquette and my total disregard for eating "that way" in front of my children, if she too had not been of Indian origin. When we think of Indian cooking, the food that immediately springs to mind is the curry with its aromatic spices and fiery taste, along with flavoursome rice and flat breads. However Indian cuisine is more than just Chicken Tikka Masala, it is as diverse as the people who inhabit the continent and is the result of a melting pot of local customs, religious beliefs, regional ingredients and climatic differences. If you’re looking to expand your curry repertoire or just want to learn how to cook healthy Indian food, WLR can help. The diverse climate of the region, ranging from tropical to alpine, has resulted in a broad spectrum of ingredients being available while in many cases food has become indicative of religious and social identity, with varying taboos and preferences dictating the favoured ingredients.

Spices in particular have played a major part in the cuisine of India, and the types used were again dictated by climate, availability and religion (where they would have been selected originally for their medicinal properties). The very nature of Indian foods means that they are packed full of vitamins and healthy fibre, while at the same time the array of vegetarian choices makes them a low saturated fat option, as long as they are cooked without the lashings of clarified butter (ghee) and cream so favoured in the UK variations. This colorful stir-fry combines green bell pepper, orange carrots and red onion along with spice-coated chicken for a delicious result.
Try our delicious recipes compiled by WLR Food Expert Laurence Beeken and you’ll be cooking healthy Indian curries in no time! Browse our Recipe Database by ingredients or calories, and choose from hundreds of recipes that are simple, easy and delicious. Nothing adds calories to your diet faster than a takeaway curry, as these have been updated to cater for our Western love of creamy sauces and deep fried accompaniments, so opting for our home-made versions can save your waistline and your wallet!
This herb has been attributed with aphrodisiac properties and has been used to ease migraines and for intestinal complaints.

It has been used as a pain reliever for centuries as well as an aid to increase circulation. Use your online Food Diary to quickly log your recipes and see how many calories you have left each day to lose weight! The cooking happens quickly, so it's a good idea to measure out and prepare all the ingredients in the recipe before you fire up the wok. Squash delivers dietary fibre, and provides significant amounts of potassium, vitamin B6, and folates; all great for keeping you healthy. In addition, the orange colour of squash indicates a far more potent powerhouse of nutrients: carotenoids, and beta carotene in particular.

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