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By Amy Snow and Nancy ZidonisAny deficiency in your horse’s immune system means his health is compromised.
There are other ways in which the horse’s immune system can become weak, such as overwork, poor diet, not enough exercise, and emotional stress.
Domesticated horses are dependent on how well we, as their guardians, can replicate a natural equine lifestyle.
There are energetic pathways, according to TCM, which run just between the horse’s skin and muscles called meridians.
Remember that your horse has two sides, so stimulate the acupoints on both the right and left side of your horse.
While one hand is performing the point work, your other hand should be resting comfortably on the horse’s body.
This article first appeared in Horsemanship Magazine UK – holistic equine specialists. Potentially any mammal can be infected by the virus if exposed to mosquito bites, but mostly this disease seems to be confined to birds, horses and humans. How Aaron Tsinigine fought to get Smudgey ready for the WNFR after a major injury weeks before. This is a nutritional product and is not meant as a substitute for veterinary products or advice. Your horse’s immune system can be “compared to a totalitarian state”, says Ian Tizard, author of the book, Veterinary Immunology, An Introduction. It must destroy it – either using cells (such as neutrophils or macrophages) or antibodies (mostly Immunoglobulins). My 28 year old horse has been on immune mix for about a year now, and the difference it has made is very noticeable. He is looking superb, he has calmed down alot and his character is starting to take on a whole new shape of its own, he is now very responsive and very vocal at dinner time, he knows now that the minute the back door opens at 5pm it time for him to start his little sing along with my anglo arab African Sky for their dinner, it is too sweet for words, his coat is looking fabulous, his feet are improving in leaps and bounds and his gut health has really made a massive turnaround since he has been on your products.
How a little golden horse changed my lifeJune 17, 2015 - 3:11 pmIt’s a very long story of how I became the owner of Copy Cat Rascal, but in short we purchased him in 2011 in Israel, yes Israel, till then I didn’t even know there were horses in Israel! A healthy, balanced immune system supports your horse’s capacity to avoid disease, rebound from injury and enhances his overall vitality. The horse’s immune system must be strong enough to withstand internal and external pathogens.

As much as we try to meet our horse’s natural needs for exercise, proper nutrition, exposure to the elements and suitable social interaction, it can’t match the wild horse experience. The intent of an acupressure session is to balance Chi, life promoting energy, so that it and blood can flow harmoniously to nourish the internal organs and tissues of the horse’s body.
Your horse may have some energetic releases during the acupressure session that let you know that energy is moving in his body and he is benefitting from the session. They have been in the complementary animal health field for over 35 years, have co-authored many books, and teach acupressure and tui na worldwide.
Herbs that can help: Ginseng (an adaptogen, which helps the horse cope with stress), Echinacea (been shown in a placebo controlled double blind study to boost immunity in horses) and Garlic (outperforms antibiotics in some trials). Roughly speaking, the conditions that respond to cortisone usually respond to Immune mix as well. If this condition remains for any length of time, the odds are the human or animal will become ill.
Internal pathogens can take the form of being socially isolated or being in a paddock with an aggressive horse, anything that disrupts your horse’s capacity to be in a good frame of mind.
We need other resources to support our horse’s immune system and acupressure is an excellent one. When the body is balanced and Chi is performing optimally, the horse’s immune system is defending his body internally and externally. During an acupressure session you can influence the flow of energy and nutrients that nourish your horse’s body and promote balance. The Immune System Balancing chart accompanying this article provides you with a way to help your horse stay healthy and perform at his best because his immune system is doing its job. According to Glen Gamble DVM, compromise of the immune system is almost always caused by one of these three things: stress, nutrition or age. But yes, Immune mix, in boosting the immune system will help your horse’s natural defenses to fight it. Good nutrition and exercise are absolutely essential to maintaining a strong immune system. Horse owners must constantly monitor their horse for the most minor changes in appearance, attitude and performance. An immune response is the police force, identifying and protecting the body from the antigen.

Horses travel from 20-40 kilometers in a single day in the wild, keeping their bodies well-toned. Although there are dozens of areas to pay attention to in order to keep your horse going strong, the immune system is one many horse owners take for granted. But there are a myriad of opportunities out there for your horse to get sick and just as many ways to prevent it. Prazaquantel is the fourth chemical group that has a less significant role to play in worm prevention and is used primarily in combination formulas. So, here are a few guidelines, from the obvious to the obscure to keep your horse's immune system as strong as possible so he feels good, looks good and performs to the peak of his ability. The reason for worming every eight weeks is that after 10-12 weeks your horse no longer has larvae in his gut; they will have become real worms. As much as we'd like to think our horses are safe, in reality, they are very prone to injury.
Abrupt shocks to the digestive system can affect the immune system and make a horse more susceptible to infection. If you fail to re-vaccinate on a yearly basis, you must administer two doses as if you are initially vaccinating the horse.
First, it increases the horse's circulation, and second, gives you a chance for a close look at anything that might become a problem. This contagious bacterial disease of the horse affects the upper respiratory tract with abscessation of the lymph nodes, especially in the upper neck and throat region.
Initial vaccination is followed by a booster in three weeks and a third booster in six weeks from the initial vaccine.
Another vaccine for strangles recommends initial dose repeated in three to four weeks and annually. Be aware, however, this is not to be given in the face of an outbreak or at a facility where there was a confirmed case for one year after the case was diagnosed. Initial vaccination is followed by a booster in three to four weeks and annual re-vaccination thereafter.

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