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We’re also advised to follow a healthy diet which is why I like to drink a smoothie that is loaded with lots of immune boosting foods.
Berries contain tons of immune-boosting nutrients: vitamin C, fiber and natural energy for the whole day. These crunchy beauties are loaded with fiber and vitamin C to boost your immune system and give you natural energy for the whole day. This is my first attempt at green smoothies, and I am replacing 2 meals a day to help aid in my weight loss. This entry was posted in Organic Family Recipes, Organic Smoothie Recipes and tagged immunity smoothie, organic berry smoothie, organic blueberry smoothie, organic immunity boost smoothie, organic strawberry smoothie, smoothie with honey, smoothie with oats, smoothie with yogurt by Cortney Timmer.

I recently went a week without green smoothies since I started blending in July last year, and I got sick by skipping my healthy blending habit.
Adding just a Вј-ВЅ inch chunk of fresh ginger to your green smoothies has amazing health benefits.
We've changed the lives of nearly a million people with our FREE 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. One of the best ways to strengthen the immune system is by eating healthy, nourishing foods. Not having much appetite so smoothies are keeping him hydrated and hopefully boosting his immunity.

We toss them into our green smoothies all the time— helping us fight off stubborn colds and flus.

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