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Last week I shared a recipe for basic vegetable stock, which is good for all sorts of purposes, but is a particularly easy way to add more flavor to what would otherwise be pretty plain vegetarian beans. This easy red beans and rice recipe could be made with any beans, any grain and any kind of meat you like. Either way this is a hearty and simple meal that takes a long time (a couple of hours, tops) but doesn’t require a lot of work. When the beans start bubbling, stir, put the heat on low or simmer, and partially cover the pot. Come back every half hour or so to check that the liquid is still covering the beans and that it’s still bubbling but not at a hard boil. When you’re about ready to eat, cut up and brown up your sausage, if using, in a skillet with oil. I work from home, so it’s possible for me to cook myself nice meals for lunch, but I still really love the ease of a meal that’s no more complex than cooking some grains and opening some cans. Of course in season you can use fresh vegetables, but in the winter or when you’re just really busy it’s great to be able to go to the pantry and have a meal in no time.

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One of the foods I’m really enjoying on my weight loss journey with the Extreme Fat Smash diet is brown rice. If you like brown rice, check out my Thai Inspired Brown Rice and Fat Smash Brown Rice Pudding with Sliced Cooked Apples recipes. I buy the unsalted cans of diced tomatoes and added some drained to this dish along with a handful of spinach slivers. I did a simular diet many years ago, I ate only brown rice and black beans or lentil beans, since they both had lots of protein.
In my pork eating days, I would have thrown a ham hock in at the beginning of cooking; these days we add turkey sausage after the beans are done.

When they’ve reached the level of doneness you like, either remove from heat or remove lid and keep on the lowest setting on the stove, stirring regularly. If your liquid needs more thickening, when you remove the sausage from the pan, make a quick roux with a tablespoon (or more, if you’ve got a lot of thickening to do) oil and an equal amount of flour. It couldn’t be easier to make, it makes enough to last through several days of lunches and dinners (at least for my family of two) and it’s really cheap but at the same time pretty healthy.
If serving right away and your rice is already warm, let sit for a few minutes to warm up the canned goods.
Since brown rice takes a long time to cook (45 minutes or more) I cook up a couple of cups and put it in the refrigerator for future use.

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