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The only fats you need to avoid are industrial trans fats(polyunsaturated fats that have been blasted with hydrogen atoms) and (GMO derived) rancid polyunsaturated veg oils like corn, canola, safflower, etc. The big this is that trans fats are PARTIALLY hydrogenated oils, while fully hydrogenated oils are just normal saturated fat.
But now that trans fats’ heart-damaging effects are widely known, many peanut butter manufacturers are replacing them with palm oil. You can assume that “trans-free” peanut butter still contains a small amount of trans fat if partially hydrogenated oil is listed as an ingredient.

While palm oil is trans-fat-free, about half of its fat is saturated, adding about 1.5 grams sat fat to each 2-tablespoon serving. While you may have heard that palm oil has less of a cholesterol-raising effect than other tropical oils, the research isn’t conclusive.
Your best bet is to choose natural peanut butters that contain neither added palm oil nor trans fats.
Bring me my fatty salmon cooked in coconut oil and my veggies roasted with grass-fed butter and extra-virgin olive oil, plz.

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