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Whether you eat fast food or the raw diet, unlocking whatever potential nutrition within those apples or burgers going down the pipes depends on an oft-overlooked fluid: hydrochloric acid. In short, HCl is what we call stomach or gastric acid.В  It allows what we consume to be digested, absorbed, and utilized to nourish our cells, tissues, and organs. 3.В В В В В В  When we consume acid forming foods or partake in acid forming activities, HCl uses up much of the acid forming material (hydrogen ions) and helps remove excessive tissue acidity. Americans and citizens of many developed countries eat a lot of meat and fat.В  Meat and fat take more stomach acid to properly digest as opposed to vegetables and fruits. Many practitioners attribute the problem to demineralized, devitalized diets so rampant in developed western countries.В  We assume that any indigestion, gas, heartburn, and reflux are caused by overproduction of stomach acid caused by our heavily meat- and fat-based diets.В  Although many physicians are quick to diagnose anybody with those symptoms with HCl overproduction, the symptoms of overproduction and underproduction are actually the same!
Wao what a coo information to related hydrochloric acid on the raw food diet or acid reflux.
It’s possible you might be eating a healthy raw food diet and still be having absorption issues if you’re not producing enough Hydrochloric Acid.

If your hydrochloric acid levels are up to par, you’ll experience good digestion and good nutrient absorption, and you’ll be protected from harmful pathogens and parasites.
Ample organic sodium in the stomach is necessary to protect stomach cells from hydrochloric acid.
HCl is produced in the parietal cells of the stomach and is needed for the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, folic acid and the B vitamins. Since raw food aficionados do not consume meat or many others of the foods whose digestion requires high HCL levels, we tend to produce less hydrochloric acid—we don’t need it, so our bodies make less. In fact, raw diets are rich in digestive enzymes, which help break down food particles to be used for our bodies.  Hydrochloric acid, which is already present in our stomachs, is the leader of this process. Sufficient stomach acid is imperative for destroying certain microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
Should you decide to eat some cooked protein, watch out—it could create digestive issues due to insufficient stomach acid.

A B12 deficiency may be directly related to your body’s ability to produce sufficient hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Hydrochloric acid is essential to digestion, especially when it comes to large protein molecules. Seek out other sodium-rich foods, too, such as any of the sea vegetables, aloe vera, or barley grass juice.

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