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The video isn't exactly a 100% accurate depiction of digestion, since in our bodies we have amino acids which break down the fats, but the results are entertaining nevertheless. Medical Daily checks in on Soylent, the supposed food of the future, one year after its debut. Today marks Earth Overshoot Day and serves as a reminder that depleting Earth's natural resources can have drastic effects on human food supplies.
The video “A Cheeseburger in Hydrochloric Acid” shows one of the University of Nottingham’s chemistry professors unwrap a newly purchased McDonald’s cheeseburger and dip half of the burger into the hydrochloric acid in order to mimic the stomach. The University of Nottingham has over 64 million views on its YouTube channel “Periodic Table of Videos,” and the most recent of its over 500 videos about each element on the periodic table is hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is a strong compound naturally produced in your stomach designed to break down food, and it's strong enough to eat right through a piece of wood if you dropped it into a concentrated vat. Hydrochloric acid is a strong mineral acid used in many industrial fields as a chemical to remove steel, neutralize water, process leathers, purify salt, and balance pH levels. It’s the fat inside the burger patty and cheese that preserves the food and keeps it in pristine condition.
Whether you eat fast food or the raw diet, unlocking whatever potential nutrition within those apples or burgers going down the pipes depends on an oft-overlooked fluid: hydrochloric acid.
In short, HCl is what we call stomach or gastric acid.В  It allows what we consume to be digested, absorbed, and utilized to nourish our cells, tissues, and organs.

3.       When we consume acid forming foods or partake in acid forming activities, HCl uses up much of the acid forming material (hydrogen ions) and helps remove excessive tissue acidity. Americans and citizens of many developed countries eat a lot of meat and fat.  Meat and fat take more stomach acid to properly digest as opposed to vegetables and fruits. Many practitioners attribute the problem to demineralized, devitalized diets so rampant in developed western countries.  We assume that any indigestion, gas, heartburn, and reflux are caused by overproduction of stomach acid caused by our heavily meat- and fat-based diets.  Although many physicians are quick to diagnose anybody with those symptoms with HCl overproduction, the symptoms of overproduction and underproduction are actually the same! Most of us are (rightfully) more concerned about lowering our salt intake rather than making sure we’re getting enough.  That’s generally because most people consume processed foods that use salt to preserve the food and make up for lack of flavor. As only trace amounts are needed, including small amounts of raw celery or seaweed in a raw food diet may make a healthy difference.  Make sure that you’re getting your daily recommended intake of every nutrient and that your body’s pH is balanced, whether you’re eating raw or not.
Wao what a coo information to related hydrochloric acid on the raw food diet or acid reflux. Hydrochloric Acid is part of a gastric secretion that is made in the parietal cells of your stomach. When you eat, you chew food that is then swallowed, making its way down the esophagus and into the stomach.
The food will sit there too long, begin to putrefy or ferment, and the food itself will produce an organic acid that causes burning in the stomach, gastritis, reflux, even ulcers.
However, because hamburgers are a fattier food, it can take up to three days to fully digest, according to research by Dian Dooley, an associate professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He said the fats weren’t going to dissolve very well because in the body there’s bile acids used to break down the fats, meanwhile they only used pure hydrochloric acid to mimic digestion.
In fact, raw diets are rich in digestive enzymes, which help break down food particles to be used for our bodies.В  Hydrochloric acid, which is already present in our stomachs, is the leader of this process.
It sits there, churning with your digestive juices until the contents become acidic enough, at which point it dumps the food into the small intestine for assimilation of nutrients. Without adequate HCl, your food may sit there for a prolonged period of time and begin to putrefy causing nausea, burning or reflux. The continuous supply of solution protects the stomach and keeps a balance in order to avoid the overproduction of acid. After three and a half hours hovering halfway into the concentrated hydrochloric acid, the container became thick with black liquid from the burger but was not fully broken down.
If the HClВ is doing its job, the stomachВ should be so acidic that bacteria and parasites are killed on the spot.
As the patient begins making HCl again, it may feel as if there is an excess of acid in the stomach.

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