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Buehler took artistic license to create this montage, depicting images of Woody Guthrie with his family when they visited him in the late 1950s.
Nora Guthrie shared her story of what it was like to visit her father, Woody Guthrie, at Greystone with alumnus Phillip Buehler, the author of Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty.
Buehler’s fascination with Greystone took on a higher calling when he learned of the hospital’s most famous patient, Woody Guthrie, the folk legend and author of the seminal ballad This Land Is Your Land. Graphic designer Steven Brower juxtaposed Buehler’s photographs with letters written by Guthrie while a patient at Greystone and with recollections of his time there by Nora, her brother Arlo, their mother, Marjorie (Woody’s second wife), and Guthrie’s musical compatriots, among them Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Harold Leventhal, Guthrie’s manager. For Nora Guthrie, who never knew her father when he was healthy and who never felt truly safe in his presence, Wardy Forty helps to fill a critical gap in her father’s biography. Buehler knew next to nothing about Woody Guthrie when he first encountered Greystone (like every other teenage boy in New Jersey in the 1970s, he’d grown up a Bruce Springsteen fan).

Among the trove of papers that Nora Guthrie showed Buehler were hospital records and the letters her father had written from Greystone. Its most famous patient, he discovered, was Woody Guthrie who, in the 1950s, was suffering from little-understood Huntington’s disease.
Beginning in 1956, Guthrie spent five years at Greystone, where he was eventually treated for Huntington’s disease, a hereditary and degenerative brain disorder for which, half a century later, there remains no cure. In a 1956 letter to his son Joady, Guthrie recalled his own mother’s struggle with Huntington’s. But he was curious enough to visit the Woody Guthrie Archives, then in New York City, where he met Nora Guthrie. Buehler’s new book, Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty, documents the decline of a psychiatric hospital and America’s most famous folksinger.

He would return to Greystone two dozen times to snap hundreds of photographs—of the woodworking shop, the barber shop, the beauty parlor, the cafeteria building, their walls shaggy with peeling paint, and the rooms on Ward 40 with slots cut out of the bottom of the doors to allow meal trays to be served to the patients inside.
When Guthrie was admitted to Greystone, on May 29, 1956, appearing disheveled and at times delusional—“untidy and unkempt,” according to the hospital’s records—the doctors really had no clue what ailed him. Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, the Greenbriar Boys, and other young singers representing the revival of folk music at the time visited Woody to play their guitars and sing songs with him. When he returned to Greystone, armed with Guthrie’s case number, he found the singer’s intake and discharge photos, with the negatives, and turned them over to Nora Guthrie.

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