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This diet is drinking a daily total of about 64 fluid ounces of cold water at timed intervals. Drink a glass of water before each meal and before each snack to kill your appetite by making you feel full.
Drink between 5 to 13 glasses of a special mixture of lemonade, cayenne pepper, water, and maple syrup everyday.
This diet is a short term weight loss program and also functions as a body cleanse rather than just a pure weight loss diet. Diet consists of only 1 week (7 days) and not recommended as a long term solution for weight loss as lack of nutrients will occur.

This diet combines injections or supplements of human chorionic gonaotropin with a restricted food intake. The calorie restriction with this diet alone (500 to 900 calories) will provide weight loss in most people. How To Use Crutches With Less Arm Pain – Helpful Tips If you use crutches and walking around with them gives you pain in your hands, forearms, wrists, elbows or armpit, then we have some helpful tips. If you are totally determined to remove several pounds fast there are some fad diets that you can adopt and help you reach your goal. Whatever the case it is not a good idea to stay on a fad diet for more than a few days for health reasons.

Here are six very popular fad diets with brief instructions that claim to result in fast shedding of pounds.

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