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Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is one of the many aspects of proper sleep hygiene, which is especially important for night shift workers who are fighting their own natural rhythm for daytime zzz's. Light sends signals to our brains to be alert, which is partly why we're naturally more awake in the bright daytime and more sleepy in the dark nighttime. Ideally, night shift workers can rack up all their sleep during one block of the day, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

A well-timed nap, say an hourlong doze right before work, can help them stay alert throughout their upcoming shift, Olson and Waters say.See a doctor if you're struggling.
If you're making errors at work, falling asleep on your commute, having trouble sleeping or feeling concerned about additional health ailments, such as high blood pressure or depression, check in with your health care provider.
You and your primary care provider or sleep specialist may discuss alternative methods for easing night shift work, such as prescription medicines or melatonin supplements.

As if reversing your sleep and wake schedule wasn't tough enough, night shift work can often put a on strain relationships and families.

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