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For more exclusive college-focused content from Faith & Fitness Magazine access our COLLEGE FITNESS department. So…you’re packing your “stuff” into the family car, and heading off to live, play and hopefully study, on a campus with several hundred or perhaps thousand other collegians.
At first, you may really relish “freedom” from the daily patterns (meal time, bedtime, rising time, etc.) that your parents probably established and your home situation reinforced. Don’t procrastinate.Due dates for papers and projects that seem far in the future will be here before you know it! ADDITIONAL READING: When we demand perfection we are taking our lives out of God's control and trying to control it alone without His peace and confidence.
Don’t over-commit your time and energy.There are a multitude of “extra-curricular” things on which to spend time in college.
Most schools have facilities and programming available to help with this essential component of good stewardship of the body. Intramural teams can be great opportunities for multi-tasking …socializing, exercising, and competing.
There are some tips you can use during your daily routine as a college student to stay fit and maintain a healthy body.В  The first step in staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet and body is establishing a routine for your daily life. While eating Healthy is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.
The college life is a wonderful and exciting as it is and has numerous stress-inducing aspects. Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard when all of your friends are enjoying happy hour with hot wings and pizza. You’re off to college, the first “big step” into independence, and a very significant step in this journey of life! We think so, and here are some suggestions that may help make sure these new freedoms and challenges inherent in the college situation are handled as they should be handled, resulting in your good and God’s glory! That freedom isn’t as cool when you oversleep your first morning class and can’t find a clean shirt, much less the assignment due in your next class.
Deprived of sufficient sleep (7-8 hours for most) we don’t think or learn well, and we’re grouchy, both of which negatively affect relationships as well as academics! There are not only the expected academic hurdles to clear, but relationships, and the business of figuring out God’s plan for your life as well.

Time pressure is a major cause of stress; lessen it by starting early and completing major projects in a step-wise, organized fashion.
It doesn’t take a genius to look at our bodies and see that they are designed for movement. Fitness areas on campus can provide opportunity for some much-needed alone time as you listen to music or memorize scripture while walking on the treadmill or working your way through the circuit.
Most colleges host competitive teams, as well as teams that just get together to play for fun. Passing up the tasty pizza, cheeseburgers, fries and desserts might be hard, but you'll stay healthier and more fit if you go for a tossed green salad, a bowl of soup or a lean meat sandwich. Pack fresh fruit, mixed nuts, low-sugar granola bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, air-popped popcorn or tuna fish with whole-wheat crackers. Bring a reusable water bottle to class and fill it up at the drinking fountains during the day.
Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Mom will not be there to be sure you have clean clothes, fix meals for you, or remind you to do your homework….ah yes, all kinds of freedom and independence! Most college-age men and women have a youthful vitality that causes them to take good health for granted. Going several days without enough sleep lowers resistance, and we’re “easy prey” for the next virus that finds us. Breakfast should be built around protein; scrambled eggs with cheese, whole grain toast and juice make a good combination.
In addition to those unavoidable stressors, we manage to create many of our own stressors, and those are the ones we need to work on avoiding. Even the best students rarely “ace” every exam; keep it in perspective, and use your energy in understanding those concepts on which you were foggy. And it’s not a bad place to meet others, either, if that’s what you need to refresh and renew!
You'll keep the dreaded freshman 15 at bay, have more energy, concentrate better on your studies and probably make some new friends with a like-minded attitude regarding health. Gather a few friends and go for a walk while you discuss what you've learned in class that day.

You will offer each other support and stick to your healthy eating and exercising plan more easily. For many, it is a time in life that has more freedom and opportunity for growth than anything experienced since birth!
Faced with the freedom to structure their own lifestyles, sometimes college students slip into habits that, if allowed to continue, “chip away” at their basic good health. A whole grain cereal with milk, some fruit and some yogurt is another good one; if you’re in a hurry, a whole grain bagel with cheese and some fruit will work. If this is your first college experience, limit your extracurricular involvements to only one or two in your first term; see how much discretionary time your studies allow. God gives us grace for one day at a time; live to the utmost the day you’re in, and when tomorrow comes, we’ll find that God’s grace has preceded us. However, very little of what most of us have to do each day at college requires significant physical effort.
They become fatigued, stressed out, and less resistant to the respiratory viruses encountered in any environment where there are lots of people. Over time, stress that we don’t manage well produces fatigue, lowers resistance, and results in a host of signs and symptoms that signal an undermining of health and vitality. If you thought you wanted to be an engineer, but realize you’re better suited to communications, see your advisor and make a change. The role computers play in the responsibilities of college life doesn’t help the situation, either.
If breakfast was a sugary doughnut or toaster pastry, your blood glucose level will “bottom-out” mid-morning, and you’ll really feel tired! We can “go” to virtual libraries, labs, and many other places and never get out of our seat!
However, these are simple things, but they’ll bring a calming, “de-stressing” effect on your busy days through college.

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