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As a teenage girl, there are many things that you may worry about: cleanliness, fitness, healthiness, happiness and style being just a few.
If you have a Wii, consider getting exercise themed games such as Just Dance, Wii Fit and Wii Sports. Have some form of healthy carbohydrates(oatmeal,whole grain toast etc), along with a serving of fruit for breakfast.
Eat a portion of healthy protein (poultry,fish,beans other than green beans, or nuts are some examples), one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables at lunch. Have a serving of vegetables and one serving of healthy protein for dinner, as well as some form of carbohydrate, such as a slice of wholemeal bread to mop up any sauce, or some mashed potato. Take your weight and divide by 2 and round if necessary, this will be how many ounces of water you need to drink. Take a shower once every day or two days maximum to wash excess grime and oil from your body.
Shaving armpit hair is good, because it helps to stop smell and it prevents hair from matting with sweat. When you're on your period, remember to wash your outer genitals gently once a day (you can even buy special vaginal soaps and wipes, which are not necessary but can make you feel fresher for longer) but just rinsing with warm water while in the shower is usually best.
Avoid tight shirts and tight jeans as they can cling on a little too much and make you look 'curvier' than you are.
Don't crash diet or excessively restrict yourself, as this can be dangerous and often pointless.
Do not exercise for more than two hours a day or when sick as you can irritate your body and make yourself ill. Teen and preteen years are the years where you will do most of your growing, so in order to grow into a healthy adult, you need the right nutrition and the right gear. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of water. And remember always keep positive and have a high self esteem, when you feel good about your self, getting to your goal feels a lot easier. Make a log for yourself to keep track of what exercises you want to do and when you want to do them. There is no such thing as being too fit or healthy, but take a step at a time and don't push yourself to the point where you are feeling worse than before. Meet Genavieve, a wikiHowian of over three years who has made over 2,900 edits and has reviewed over 22,000 changes by other editors. To strengthen your core you should do sit ups and other workouts such as planks and crunches. To strengthen your legs you should do squats and other workouts such as vertical jumps and wallsits. To strengthen your arms you should do pull ups and other workouts such as chin ups, push ups and lifting something moderately heavy such as a tin of beans.
And if you don't feel comfortable going into sports that have complete strangers then do the sport with some family members in your back yard if you have an Apartment try to do it somewhere with a lot of space. Eat healthy foods such as whole grain cereals, subs, and pasta, vegetables, fruits, fish, and chicken.
Inform family and friends of your plans to start being healthier so they won't try to tempt you. Get some family or friends involved, so you won't be bored and will be more motivated to exercise.

Make sure that you get enough energy in your body like eating fruits like watermelons, pineapples, grapes, strawberries and for example never eat chicken or meat, just vegetables.
Fitness can be difficult, because it is easy to lessen, but sometimes difficult to increase. This makes you less likely to pull a muscle or hurt yourself and it means that you can usually exercise for longer and to a better standard. There are sports to suit everyone, and a few examples are gymnastics, tennis, archery, cheerleading, track, volleyball, basketball, soft ball, and soccer. This will help you to maintain a regular exercise cycle as well as making you fitter and healthier.
Choose milk or 100% fruit juice - if you dislike solid fruit, fruit juice is a good option as it often tastes sweeter and clear juices have none of the texture of fruit. If you haven't drank much water in the morning, do it now, as it is important to stay hydrated. Instead of chips, eat vegetable sticks with a healthy dip, or instead of chocolate, drink a low fat chocolate milk etc.
However, many women and teenage girls do not shave or wax, due to religion or just personal choice, so don't take this as a must-be. Clean clothes are more comfortable, more attractive and generally better to wear than dirty clothes. In your teenage years you go through a lot of changes, and it is very common to even double your weight during those years. These often have hefty portions of sweeteners in them, and can sometimes be loaded with harmful chemicals. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates found in foods like white bread and pasta, where possible. Get involved in a sport; soccer, tennis, football, basketball, and roller blading are all fun ways to get and keep yourself fit!
You have to keep working to stay fit, so form healthy habits that will last you a lifetime! If you are working out and you can chat with your workout buddy, but you are too winded to sing, you are working at a perfect moderate pace. Every few weeks, increase the intensity, use different weights or swap to some new moves or classes to stay challenged. Try Dance Revolution, Wii Fit, swimming, horseback riding, water polo, dancing, or go to a gymnastics place and play around on the trampoline! She spends her time on wikiHow writing, adding tips to articles, reviewing recent changes, playing games in the forums, and adding videos. Make small, but important changes on how active you are, such as: instead of taking the car, you could walk to where you need to go, or, cutting down on the amount of time you spend watching the television, computer, etc. These will strengthen, tone and define the muscles in your stomach, giving you a leaner shape. These will strengthen and define the muscles in your calves and thighs, meaning your legs look nicer and stronger.
Make sure to remain consistent in your exercise routine, keeping track of your previous amount of that exercise you could do and how much you have improved since then. Many gain weight instead of losing it, because your body goes into emergency mode and preserves more fat. He’s an Admin, Featured Author, and Booster, and he loves copyediting and taking care of title changes on articles.

It is also something that depends on you maintaining a good diet and exercising enough - getting the 'flu' for two weeks can make you feel unfit, for example, and completely undo any good work. Milk is also a good option, as it provides you with calcium and can be served in a variety of ways. Water with flavoring is a good choice as it is usually almost as healthy as normal water, but tastes a lot better. Firstly, however, read some style magazines so you know what's trending if you decide that you want to follow fashion. Complex carbohydrates, such as those in whole grains and beans, are a better source of energy. Thirty minutes, ( three 10 minutes sessions are fine) most days of the week and you will reduce stress, gain energy, and reduce risk for diseases. Warming up helps prevent injury and can help to maximize the calories burnt during your entire workout. She’s proud of teaching herself how to design wikiHow Talk pages and now puts those skills to use regularly, helping out other users.
Start small, maybe only a couple of each until you get stronger and more physically able to do them. Water helps us function, makes our skin clear and flushes out any unwanted toxins - so make sure you drink more of it. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Change an Accu Chek Spirit or Combo Insulin Pump Cartridge and taking the photos to turn it into a Featured Article. It will probably be hard, but it's worth it, and they often taste just as good as the saltier, more sugary versions. And remember-it's OK if your pee is a little yellow, but if it's like apple juice, start drinking more water, and if it hurts or is uncomfortable when you pee, or if it's "cloudy", or even a little bloody-CALL THE DOCTOR you may have a UTI (urinary tract infection) but before you panic, try taking it easy for a day or two and drink more water and more cranberry juice for a day or so. Her favorite article she’s worked on has been How to Make Leche Flan, and she’s proud of being a Featured Author. They have you do a physical test and a written survey and match what you want to gain to your body type. Try to avoid things that have plenty of caffeine in, such as coffee, coke, and energy drinks.
It will contribute to your daily exercise recommendations and you will notice a difference.
She loves how everyone in the wikiHow community is so friendly and willing to help and answer questions. However, make sure you enjoy the sport you're going for, otherwise you won't want to stick at it.
He appreciates editing on wikiHow because he feels like he can make a difference to people’s lives, and he loves the dedication and perseverance of the community. To new editors, she says: listen to advice from experienced wikiHowians; then pick topics that you like and start finding little ways to edit them and help out!

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