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Discharged last December, having reached 8st, she reverted to starvation — believing herself to be ‘disgusting’ and ‘fat’ — and, in February this year, collapsed in the street.She died on March 26 from a heart attack, six weeks after an emergency operation on a perforated duodenal ulcer.
I told her not to worry, but even before she started the diet she’d given up chocolate and started cutting the fat off her meat.’In the mornings, Christine would go to the kitchen and, ­seeing crumbs around the toaster, would assume Anna had eaten. She s­uspects now that Anna was purging what she ate by making herself sick.It was Anna’s swimming coach who first raised concerns about Anna’s weight loss, three months after she started the diet.

From there she was referred to the eating disorders ward at Capio Nightingale Hospital.To her parents’ distress, Anna refused to accept she was ill. Christine took Anna to her GP and after a series of appointments she was referred to Merton Child and Adolescent ­Mental Health Services (CAMHS).
The consultant — they claim — became increasingly ­exasperated with them, saying they didn’t realise just how ill their daughter was.

At this time, Anna was helping out in a nursery run by a family friend, but unknown to her parents was walking the six-mile round trip to work and not eating her lunch.Diagnosed with a perforated duodenal ulcer, doctors warned Anna’s parents that she was so weak, she may not survive surgery.

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