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No matter how steely your willpower, or how firm your resolve, the sudden urge for a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps can be all consuming. Experts believe that the main cravings culprit is a system of interconnected brain cells called the 'reward pathway' that evolved over millions of years to encourage prehistoric man (and woman) to keep alive by eating. BEAT SUGAR CRAVINGSAvoid sweets, fizzy drinks and processed carbohydrates such as cakes, and instead switch to foods that release their energy slowly (oats and wholegrains). BREAD: If you find yourself with a strong craving for bread, you may be experiencing simple carb-cravings, or your body could be searching to replenish depleted stores of the mineral selenium, found in flour.
CRISPS: If you live a fast-paced, stressful life, cravings for salty foods like crisps could be a sign of adrenal fatigue (continual stress puts a lot of pressure on the adrenal glands), meaning your body might be crying out for the additional minerals found in natural salt.
The next 20+ tips below will definitely help curb your cravings & put you on the track to permanent weight loss if you stick to them. Learn more about intermittent fasting here but…Whether you skip or eat breakfast depends on what is best for you when dealing with hunger & cravings to help you lose weight faster. Of course, the obvious answer to how to stop sugar cravings is to stop eating only, but like any addiction it takes some time and effort to overcome unlike heroin or other drugs that need food to live by so you can not drop everything. However, there are some simple steps you can take immediately to reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

Of course, it goes without saying that cakes, white bread, sweets, chocolate, ice cream are all serious guilty and must be avoided or at least eat very infrequently.
Fortunately, once you begin to cut the amount of sugar you will be amazed at how quickly you can lose the taste for it, and when you have some that really need much less to be satisfied with what you never did before.
Craving sugary foods can be an indication of a lack of certain nutrients in the body, such as the chrome (which is found in broccoli, grapes and beans), phosphorus (which is located in the dried fruits, vegetables, grains, fish and eggs), coal (which is located in the organic fresh fruit) and tryptophan (that is found in cheese, liver, the raisins, sweet potato and spinach). The combination of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy oils in foods reduces the risk of causing sugar cravings. If you’re trying to dial back your sugar and carb intake, try these tips from Sanfilippo to beat cravings—without feeling cranky and deprived.
Alyssa Heidemann learned how to slash calories without feeling hungry and saw major results. For many people, particularly women, food cravings are like an alien force that will stop at nothing until you indulge their fiendishly unhealthy demands. AVOID HANGOVER CRAVINGSAlcohol can thwart attempts to resist cravings, and many good diet intentions are ruined after a few drinks. Healthy eating and sleep will help, but if the cravings persist, try natural popcorn to calm the cravings or opt for nuts.

Therefore know how to stop the cravings for sugar, is going to be an essential part of your toolbox the weight loss. All of these conspire to be potent 'morning after' cravings-triggers which, experts believe, can be avoided. As soon as you add honey on your oatmeal or spread jam on toasted bread, has launched its next binge sugar.
I can kill a craving immediately with a hot cup of decaf or sip on iced coffee throughout the day.
Having a high-protein breakfast in the morning (eggs are best) to replace depleted serotonin levels.

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