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My name is Katie and I’m a 23 yr old with a passion for clean eating, fitness, and sharing it with others. I love circuit workouts because they keep my heart rate up and don”t take as much time, which means you spend less time in the gym! Talk about dedication.Now I usually do use the grill for my meat because it is an easier clean up, but it was too dark to go outside by the time I started prepping.

You can always microwave them too if you are pressed for time.Now while those two were cooking, I took a muffin pan and made mini eggs in it.
I mixed the eggsВ with bell pepper and green onions so I could eat them for breakfast for the week. This makes an easy meal to heat up and gobble quickly for breakfast.I cooked some potatoes and mixed veggies with my chicken so I can have some flavored vegetables.

The jelly is sugar free boysenberry and has 3g of fiber per serving which translates to awesome for me.

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