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Ceviche is traditionally a South American dish made by marinating pieces of fish or shellfish in citrus juice. In Rocky Point one of the main rental services is for condo resorts, where you can find a full equipped kitchen in every unit, that gives you the advantage to cook you own meals and that way save a lot of money instead of going out every day of your vacation.В  One of the main sea food item to try out in Rocky Point is shrimp, and you can prepare them in many ways but one of them and one of the most popular is to make shrimp ceviche (do not mistake it with shrimp cocktail) if you do not know how to make it you can ask anyone at the fish market at El Malecon and you will be able to get it.
Next I will give you the one shrimp ceviche recipe that my family has been making for years (even decades).
You can either put the ceviche on a baked or fried corn tortilla or on saltine crackers, also as a garnish put some avocado on it and a little bit of hot sauce and of course don’t forget to get some cold beers to completely enjoy this dish from the balcony of your condo admiring the wonderful view of the Sea of Cortes. You can serve the tequila shrimp ceviche with whatever you want (or eat it with a spoon), but I highly recommend these chile dusted tortilla chips.
But even that was a bit of a battle because I kind of sort of wanted to eat the ceviche with a spoon.

When I entertain, I often make one new dish, one tried-and-true and a bunch of easy sides so that, even if the new one falls through, there’s still lots of leftovers! You know, so that some day I can randomly invite 10 friends over and know the 5 things I’ll make that will be incredibly fool-proof and simple, but will also make my guests happy. I quickly realized it’s one of those dishes that looks pretty impressive and tastes delicious, but is actually super simple to make.
Especially considering you can make the chips a day ahead and chop all the veggies the day ahead and keep them in the fridge. I would, however, recommend eating this with a side of tequila (in a shot glass) if you do so please. I made this ceviche with all lime juice since we had no tequila and used garam masala to season my chips.

Even though I get my meat and seafood at Whole Foods, I just don’t know how fresh the seafood is. I like to make a dressing the way you might a vinaigrette—mix it in separate bowl, taste for seasoning and balance, and apply. So, in an effort to find foods that are ideal for entertaining, I made this delightful Tequila Shrimp Ceviche.
And by the end of the year, I’ll have a plethora of recipes to make whenever guest show up.

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