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We love homemade breakfast sausage, and here's why: If you read the label of your standard grocery store brand of breakfast sausage, you will be amazed at what the manufacturers think is appropriate to put in breakfast sausage.
If you are anything like me, you'll be happy to hear that making your own sausage is quite easy and so satisfying.
Enjoy your fresh nitrate- and mystery ingredient-free sausage for breakfast or try them in this yummy Grain-Free Sausage Balls recipe! I was getting desperate when I remembered that I'd seen a recipe for breakfast sausage penciled into the end pages of the copy of Putting Food By that I inherited from my husband's grandmother, Marcia. I thumbed through the cookbook's spattered pages until I reached the sausage recipe and was pleased to find that it was remarkably simple. Foodily respects the chefs, bloggers and cookbook authors that create many of the amazing recipes you find on Foodily. Of course, if you have other ideas for how we can support the way you want to search - let us know. This pork breakfast sausage is delicious, easy to make in a huge batch (and freeze some for later), full of protein and flavor, and has helped me start several mornings off on the right foot so far.

Now lay out a big piece of waxed paper if you’d like to make the balls all at once, or you can just throw chunks of it at your frying pan. I put a bunch of these in a tupperware in the fridge, and pulled out a few at a time for my breakfasts. Shape into patties, stuff into casings for links, or use in your favorite recipe calling for breakfast sausage.
But no matter how badly I wanted that unique combination of spices and greasy meat I just could not bring myself to buy a package of Jimmy Deans. After a quick Internet search to cross-reference Marcia's recipe with a few others, I felt confident enough to begin. We're here to help you find the right recipe to meet your needs, but the actual recipe lives where it was created and that's where we send you to get preparation instructions. I cook simple, delicious, grain-free recipes for my family and love my intentional joyful family life. Then, when you are hankering for some sausage to go along with those eggs in the morning, or you want to make a batch of Sausage Balls, all you have to do is mix a tablespoon of seasoning into a pound of ground pork!

I tried to kill the craving with some hand-crafted Fra'Mani breakfast sausage but while good, they just did not taste like breakfast sausage. Use a small round cutter or ring mold to make uniform patties on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
We realize it's an extra click for you, but we're pretty sure you'll agree the recipe instructions should stay with the recipe creator. Please make sure you either send it from the email associated with the account, or include the specific email for us to reference.

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