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This is the part where I tell you that you have to use the freshest possible fish you can find to make your Ahi Tuna Ceviche. Sometimes I just want to make something that requires no heating up a grill, no starting a fire, no ovens, no stovetops, no crock-pots.
Ceviche is a dish that, to me, just screams summer (and those unseasonably warm spring days like we’ve been having in Portland). However, unlike salsa, you will need to marinate the main ingredient (your fish of choice) in lime juice for a short period of time in the refrigerator. Sushi grade Ahi tuna can be consumed raw, but marinating it in the lime juice will not only cook the tuna, but it will infuse it with great flavor – delightful citrusy and herbaceous flavor. While there’s some lovely creamy textures from the tuna and rich avocado, focus more on the citrus and herbs and look for something high in acidity to stand up to the power of the dish.

But my go-to for ceviche is Sauvignon Blanc because they typically have lots of citrus notes, herbal aromas, and have the acidity to match that found in the dish.
But I went a little fancy with this Ahi Tuna Ceviche and decided to go with a more Asian inspired flavor theme after going to a sushi restaurant for the first time ever and LOVING IT.
If you’re buying Ahi at a fish counter, make sure to ask if it is sushi or sashimi grade. So I crossed my new found love of sushi with my longtime companion ceviche and came up with this Ahi Tuna Ceviche!
Some people will warn that this pairing may cause a lime-y or citrus-y overload in your mouth, but I personally think they work great for this particular ceviche recipe.
So if you want to keep the beautiful red Ahi color to your dish, you want to add the lime juice just before serving.

The Regional Collection was my favorite with the dish, it’s also a nice value, but both wines worked well with this ceviche. If you don't want that to happen, you can either omit the lime juice or add it at the very last minute before serving so that the tuna keeps its red-pink color longer.

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