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Oh, and one more optional addition: favorite quotes and personal messages for the recipient. Update!В  I’ve created printable recipe cards to save you some time in your cookbook creation.В  Click here to find them!
Take your recipes to any office supply retailer like FedEx or Mailboxes, Etc and have them scan your recipes for you. For inspiration, check out 7 Tips for Creating a Recipe Book and thisВ sentimental recipe book of pies created by Rachel in honor of her grandmother.

I chose to primarily use recipes from my own blog and some of my other favorite food blogs, with a few select cookbook recipes thrown in. Ideally, you should have some solid pieces (on which to write recipes directly) and some patterned pieces (for backing your printed recipes, quotes and divider pages). If you don’t have enough recipe to fill all the sleeves, put the extra page protectors in the back so that the recipient can add their own recipes over time! And I was eyeing some of those recipe titles and now have to search your site for the actual recipes!!

The printed recipes were backed by patterned paper, since the printer paper is so thin.Next, get some coordinated paper.

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