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I am generally averaging about 1400 calories a day, which is low and not surprising that I lost weight purely from a calorie viewpoint.В  I am not feeling hungry on this amount as I get so many of these calories from fat, which make me feel full, and quantity wise I am eating so many vegetables that also keep me full and satisfied.
I found this really interesting as this all fell into place without any effort on my part just by stopping grains and sugars.
The Candida Diet website helped me understand more about my sugar addiction, the Candida that was driving it and helped me realise how important probiotics and antifungals were for me personally. STEFANIE fought back from serious shoulder injury and now helps others lose weight with new diet.

THE Mindfulness Diet is a new healthy eating book which teaches people how to make the right decisions about foods so that they can think themselves all the way to a better body and soul. SUPER slimmer from Glasgow lost eight stone after joining WeightWatchers and now she's helping others do the same.
Giving up grains and sugar (to me they are now closely linked in terms of the damage they do) helped me recover on many levels and I hope my story can help others.
I wanted to keep the sugar content low but still provide nutritious and healthy meals so carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes are still included as carbs aren’t the enemy to weight loss – sugar is.“Although I was still unable to exercise, I tested the programme on myself and within seven days I had more energy, lost weight and felt so much happier.

She lost 10lb in a month and we maintained her weight as she had reached her goal.“I want people to realise it is possible to cut down on sugar, without depriving themselves of tasty food.

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