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I never remember feeling “small”, I can remember lying about how much I weighed when I was only 13 years old. My senior year of high school, I joined Weight Watchers, my mom joined as well and I loved having her there to support me. When I first started paying attention to my diet I was eating 1200 calories a day, and logging my food in a journal. I started out being a vegetarian, then after I realized that eating pasta and tons of cheese was no way to loose weight.
While I believe that losing weight is 70% diet, there is still an extra 30%, that is exercise. So I started different things, I did weight watchers, Curves, personal trainers, the list goes on. How I felt when I was overweight and how I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted, and how I always felt out of place with my thin healthy family.
I am not sure of my current weight (I only weigh myself once a month) but at my last weigh in I was 163. It was at this point that I became vegetarian, but I did not like the feeling of eating cheese and pasta all the time.

I have more muscle now then I know what to do with; even though I weigh in the 160’s I wear a size 6.
I was so frustrated; I was eating all the correct things and getting a decent amount of exercise but the scale refused to budge.
Eating less then 1200 calories is not only dangerous but it can cause your body to refuse to let you lose weight.
So I still have 33 pounds to lose before I reach my “goal.” But who knows, I might find that when I reach 140 I will see that my body looks great and healthy there! But by this point, my body was used to working hard, I found it super difficult to lose weight. Their fingers were overlapping even while grasping my arm and they laughed and said “you’re so tiny!” I can’t tell you how much that boosted my ego. I gained weight right after I stopped going to weight watchers, I knew I needed to go back to meetings and re-try because so far, that was the only thing that had helped me lose weight. I did not have a scale in Scotland, so I had no idea how much I had lost till I moved back home to the United States! I have not met my ultimate goal weight yet, So when I feel like slacking I honestly stand in front of the mirror naked, that is all it takes to make me get my workout gear and get started!

One week I complained about how I have only lost 2 pounds, so that entire workout session she added 2 pound weights to all of my workouts. You will gain all your weight back so fast because you never trained your body how to deal with food in a healthy way. When I can feel confortable enough to do that, I know I will have reached my Ultimate goal weight.
My arms were dying and she said “I don’t want to ever hear you complain about how little you are losing, a pound is a pound!” I loved and hated her at the same time.
Learn to eat correctly then you will never feel hungry and deprived, and ultimately lead to a more successful and enjoyable weight loss journey.

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