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These are just some nutrition tips to get in all your vitamins necessary to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
I am a new mother of a beautiful baby boy; however, my pregnancy was a very difficult experience to say the least. Here are some tips to help pregnant women eat properly, even through the cravings, to keep both mom and baby healthy. What you want to do is focus on eating as healthy as you can most of the time with treat allowances here and there.
If a woman gains too much weight during pregnancy, her risk for developing diabetes increases and the added weight can contribute to added aches and pains in her back and legs. In addition, she may have an increased risk for a C-section, infections and other complications of pregnancy. You can lose weight after you deliver, but losing weight during pregnancy could endanger your baby’s health.

Come in today for an appointment whether you are preparing for pregnancy, already pregnant, or for your yearly woman’s wellness exam. Most women get that fatigue which happens within the first and last trimester of pregnancy. Due to the fact that your baby is taking everything necessary from you, you will need to replenish your body with added calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy. It also helps protect your baby against any spinal cord birth defects during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
It is important to keep up on taking your prenatal vitamins because they do contain all of these at a proper amount to guide your baby in his or her growth. Due to my pregnancy, I started a company called, Helping Mommy Tone and a blog for moms, expecting and new. Here is a list of all the nutrients and vitamins to keep you and your baby happy and healthy during your pregnancy.

There is something called gestational hypertension which you need to look out for in pregnancy. Choline will also help you have strong bones and is another way to help keep the blood pressure down. I did everything right according to the doctors, it was just how my body reacted and I was blessed with a gorgeous and healthy baby who is now thriving.

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