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A histamine intolerance is becoming more common, as the number of people making the switch to healthier lifestyles grows. If you can associate with at least some aspects of these groups of people, but sometimes find yourself in a similar situation to the histamine-analogy person above, then let’s get right into it, because this article is for you! In food, histamine is usually found in aged or fermented foods, (think blueВ cheese or red wine) but can also be found in fruits, like citrus andВ some berries. Because histamine is found naturally in humans, certain amounts are okay and even necessary for proper body function.
Now, because the body is smart (and knows that you can’t resist those histamine foods that sometimes push you over safe levels!) it has also created an enzyme called Diamine Oxidase (DAO).
In a perfect world, this DAO enzyme would break down excess histamine without problems, and we could eat cheese and chocolate while drinking wine to our heart’s content. 1) In many people, excess histamine is strongly linked to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) causing unhealthy gut problems. If you have an unhealthy gut, or a low-level of the DAO enzyme, then you could have a histamine intolerance.
AВ histamine intolerance is a very tricky thing, because (as you can see from the list above) a lot of times it can look like an allergy. Like I mentioned earlier, you could be cutting out all the histamine-rich foods and still have a problem with excess histamine if there is a bacterial imbalance in your gut.
If you want to continue to keep histamine levels low, you can replace the high histamine products with foods that don’t contain high amounts of histamine. Increase healthy fats and natural oils like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and butter.

One last thing to keep in mindВ is that histamine is NOT an allergy, but rather intolerance. The key is to stay within your body’s safe levels, and most importantly, find out what specifically triggers your histamine intolerance. Hopefully this article can shed some light into what could be causing your random breakouts and give you the solution on how to fix them. This DAO enzyme helps the body to break down any excess levels of histamine that we might get from food. There are certain bacteria in the gut that create excess amounts of histamine, even without you consuming histamine foods.
This means that their body doesn’t break down histamine as fast, making them more sensitive to histamine-rich foods. One way to heal your gut is to get rid of inflammatory foods (like gluten, dairy, and high amounts of sugar) that feed the bad bacteria, and increase the amounts of probiotics and Omega 3’s in your diet to feed the good bacteria.
After finally healing my gut and getting rid of the bad bacteria that was causing the excess histamine in my body, I’m now able to drink red wine, eat bacon and have lots of chocolate!
If you’re lucky, you may only react to the foods with the highest amount of histamine, making it possible for you to eat lower histamine foods more often. Whether its healing your gut or reducing histamine-rich foods, going slowly is a good way to determine the direct cause of your unexplainable skin problems or body pains.
Her book, The Flawless Program, В focuses on gut health as a way to permanently clear skin issues in just 30 days!В With her website, she hopes to give insightful information to anyone looking to heal their gut or fix their skin, naturally and forever! Some ways that histamine helps us is by defending the body against bacteria, dangerous foreign bodies, or toxins that could potentially cause us to get sick.

In short, DAO makes it possible for you to have histamine-rich foods (like strawberries for example), without having any negative side effects.
When these bacteria grow out of control they create excess histamine from an amino acid called histidine, which is found in proteins and foods.
This is why some people on Paleo or whole food diets, that allow for a lot of histamine rich foods like cheese, red meat, and fruits can experience problems.
However, if you find yourself eating well and healthy, but are still having these types of side effects, then you could very well be suffering from a histamine intolerance.
I can even eat some fermented dairy like greek yogurt and kefir without having any negative side effects. Histamine is a very tricky thing, it’s great you were able to find out what caused your migraines! As humans, we have a high amount of histamine found concentrated in our stomach, lungs and skin.
This means that if you have a bacterial imbalance in your gut (an unhealthy gut), cutting out all the histamine-rich foods still won’t do you any good,В because of these bacteria creating excess histamine.

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