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Potassium is an essential nutrient used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.
Other Beans High in Potassium (%DV per cup): Adzuki (35%), Soy (28%), Lima (28%), Kidney (20%), Great Northern (20%), Pinto (18%) and others at an average of 15% DV per cup cooked. Other Greens High in Potassium (%DV per cup cooked): Swiss Chard (27% DV), Kale (8% DV), and Collards (6% DV).
Other Squash High in Potassium (%DV per cup baked): Hubbard (21%), Butternut (17% DV), Zucchini (14% DV), Average Winter Squash (10% DV). Other Yogurt High in Potassium (%DV per cup): Whole-Fat (11% DV), Chocolate Yogurt (24% DV). Other Fish High in Potassium (%DV per 3oz fillet (85g)): Pompano (15% DV), Lingcod (14% DV), Halibut (13% DV), Yellowfin Tuna (13% DV), Anchovies (12% DV), Mackerel (10% DV), Herring (10% DV) and most other fish at an average of 10% DV. Long distance athletes - People who exercise over long distances lose electrolytes via sweat and need to replenish their sodium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus levels.
While a banana is a quick source of potassium, very low potassium might require medical treatment.
Once potassium is absorbed into the body, it functions as both an electrolyte and a mineral. To meet the potassium challenge, you’ll need to eat 10-13 one-half cup servings of vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts, and seeds along with your regular more concentrated protein sources. Stay inspired by remembering that consuming the 4,700 mg of potassium daily not only alkalizes and protects bone, but it also goes a long ways towards normalizing blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Perhaps in you extended list, but taking blackstrap molasses is an easy way to add LOTS of potassium.

A deficiency in potassium causes fatigue, irritability, and hypertension (high blood pressure).
High potassium foods from natural food sources like beans, dark leafy greens, potatoes, squash, yogurt, fish, avocados, mushrooms, and bananas, are considered safe and healthy. Sweet potatoes are actually better for regulation blood sugar, an average baked sweet potato with skin (114g) provides 542mg (15% DV) of potassium.
Other mushrooms high in potassium (%DV per cup sliced): Portabella (9% DV), Brown or Crimini (9% DV), Enoki (7% DV), Shiitake (5% DV), Maitake (4% DV).
Potassium, magnesium, and fruit and vegetable intakes are associated with greater bone mineral density in elderly men and women. Dietary potassium intake and risk of stroke in US men and women: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I epidemiologic follow-up study. The effects of potassium depletion and supplementation on blood pressure: a clinical review. In its mineral function, potassium assists the development and function of body cells, tissues and organs. Since high levels of potassium can be dangerous, your doctor will likely do a blood test before prescribing potassium supplements. Certain medications -- such as ACE inhibitors, diuretics, corticosteroids, certain antibiotics, laxatives and bronchodilators – can interact with potassium supplements or contribute to potassium depletion. Very low levels of potassium might require intravenous potassium infusions, which can only be performed by medical professionals.
Blood potassium levels that are too low or too high can result in serious -- and potentially life-threatening -- complications.

Brown passes along that when it comes to potassium, it is best to consume in food form and any high dose supplements, including potassium carbonate, should be used under proper supervision.
As an electrolyte, which means it conducts electricity, potassium is crucial for muscle contraction, nerve conduction and heart function. Get her exclusive formulations along with her detailed lifestyle and diet guidance, plus telephone support whenever you need it. Below is a list of high potassium foods ranked by common serving sizes, for more please see the lists of high potassium foods by nutrient density, potassium rich foods, fruits high in potassium, and vegetables high in potassium. Although potassium can also be found in meats, milk and grains, the potassium is much more easily absorbed from fruits, veggies and legumes. To prevent dangerous complications, you’ll need to quickly replace your potassium levels -- which might involve seeking medical attention.
Potassium tablets and capsules should be swallowed whole -- do not crush, chew or suck on the pills.
Robert Heaney explains that eating one potassium-filled medium baked potato can conserve about 60 mg of calcium within the body.

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