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When you think about making fried chicken, you probably imagine using a deep fryer or Dutch oven to submerge the chicken pieces in hot oil.
There's some mystical, magical mojo that happens in a cast iron skillet when you fry chicken in there. I'm thinking of trying this with a cast iron Dutch oven, for both the heat maintenance and a little more splatter protection. Bonus tips: make the chicken even crispier with a double frying method or ensure each piece is thoroughly cooked by precooking the chicken before you fry it. Follow step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions for making our Southern Fried Chicken in a cast iron skillet, just like mama used to do it.
I’ve been asked numerous times over the past years, for a recipe on Southern Fried Chicken.
Sometimes chicken would be frying away and she’d just cut the burner off, cover the pan, and go to church. Mama fried chicken in her cast iron skillet during the week, but Sundays required the bigger, Electric Frying Pan that she acquired later on. If you have a piece of chicken where the skin has pulled loose from the meat, just fold it back down on the meat. Once you’ve coated all the chicken pieces, just let it set on the sheet pan and rest a bit. If you take just a pinch of flour, and drop it in the hot Lard, it will start to dance and sizzle if the Lard is hot enough to start frying the chicken in. In order to keep the fried chicken good and crispy, remove it from the pan and let it drain on a piece of brown paper bag, or on a wire rack. Hi Steve, your fried chicken recipe inspired me to get lard from the farmers market and cook with it for the first time ever. Hi Barbara, I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern, and that you purchased some lard to fry up a batch of Southern Fried Chicken.

Instead of turning the chicken more often, might I suggest that you either rotate it around in the pan, or just turn the whole skillet around if possible. Store bought chickens today do not taste the same as those farm raised chickens, makes a huge difference. So when Maria offered up a recipe for buttermilk fried chicken strips my heart might have skipped a beat.
To fry chicken strips, get a large cast iron skillet out and place approximately a quart of oil in it. Take a rimmed baking sheet (we don’t want to clean up the drips by using a regular cookie sheet) or a large cast iron skillet and grease it well. Beat an egg and dredge chicken strips through the egg before putting it through the breading.
A better method, which uses less oil, is to use a large cast iron skillet for frying instead. My theory is that, because it's cast iron, it maintains the heat better than any large vessel (like a Dutch oven) can at home. That grease is hot, be careful lowering the chicken so it doesn’t splatter back on you. I’m sure it had to do with using a copper bottomed instead of cast iron skillet but I’ll surely be attempting it again once I invest in a lodge logic pan, thanks! Combine the chicken tenders with the marinade ingredients and place in fridge for at least 4 hours of overnight. Seal the bag tightly and smush it around to ensure chicken tenders are evenly coated with buttermilk and seasoning.
She understands how difficult it can be to prepare a meal from scratch with such a busy schedule. I have to say, using a deep fryer is a great way to fry as you will not have so much oil in your food.

I liked that your recipe does’nt have to many ingredients and that you gave the amount of time it should take to fry it.
My grandpa is famous for his Hungarian deviled eggs, and Hungarian chicken paprika, while my grandmother is more of a Southern belle and prefers to cook up some good old fashioned food.
You can also place a small piece of chicken in the oil and if it starts to bubble or spit when the chicken hits the oil, it’s ready to fry. With tongs (nothing worse than a burn, nothing) turn chicken strips over and bake for another 10 minutes or until golden. And it's important to maintain that heat because the lower the temperature of the oil goes, the more of it that gets absorbed into the chicken. Ya know how your mother told you not to play with your food, well this is one time you get to play away. If your fried chicken is greasy, it's because your oil didn't stay hot.Hence the cast iron. Remove the chicken tenders from the marinade a few at a time and toss into the flour mixture. This will take a few minutes.) Using tongs, place several chicken tenders in the hot oil without crowding the pan. Place chicken strips on a well-greased rimmed baking pan (coconut oil works well) and bake for 20 minutes, turning over half way through.

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