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When you think about making fried chicken, you probably imagine using a deep fryer or Dutch oven to submerge the chicken pieces in hot oil. There's some mystical, magical mojo that happens in a cast iron skillet when you fry chicken in there.
I'm thinking of trying this with a cast iron Dutch oven, for both the heat maintenance and a little more splatter protection. Bonus tips: make the chicken even crispier with a double frying method or ensure each piece is thoroughly cooked by precooking the chicken before you fry it. Combine salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and cayenne, and use them to season the chicken.
Place the chicken in the preheated oil, skin-side down, and cover partially with a lid to maintain temperature and control splatter. Remove chicken from the pot, and drain on a rack over a sheet pan lined with paper towels to keep it crispy.

A better method, which uses less oil, is to use a large cast iron skillet for frying instead.
My theory is that, because it's cast iron, it maintains the heat better than any large vessel (like a Dutch oven) can at home.
If the recipe calls for dredging your chicken in 2 cups of flour, measure only 1 cup into your dish, and add the rest as needed. White meat cooks faster, so if you’re not used to cooking white and dark pieces together, you can wind up with dry breasts, and NO ONE wants a dry breast. And it's important to maintain that heat because the lower the temperature of the oil goes, the more of it that gets absorbed into the chicken. Instead, fry a batch of dark meat (drumsticks and thighs) and a batch of white meat (breasts and wings).
If you want your chicken to stay crispy, place the pieces on a wire rack over a rimmed baking sheet lined with paper towels.

If your fried chicken is greasy, it's because your oil didn't stay hot.Hence the cast iron. Since the temperature will dip dramatically every time you add chicken to the pot, you’ll want to adjust the heat to stay within 10 degrees of 325. So, it helps to have a dependable starter recipe, like this No-Fail Fried Chicken, and some pointers.

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