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Formulating functional foods with extracts from the baobab fruit may help manage blood sugar levels, says a new study.
Meso-zeaxanthin may be an important pigment for eye health and protection of the eye from damaging blue light and ultra violet light. OximacroВ® is a cranberry powder and liquid extract with the highest content of Proanthocyanidins (PACs, 36%) on the market.

Different parts of the fruit are a traditional food in these countries.The fruit pulp of the baobab is said to have an antioxidant activity about four times that of kiwi or apple pulp. Hardin noted that monk fruit extract solves the “pronounced bitterness” of Reb A in the zero-calorie natural sweetener category, making it a great fit for yogurt formulations in particular. Purefruit’s concentrated sweetness also makes it a good fit for protein shake formulas (and the extract is being used by several brands), because it helps conceal the “bitter” and “off” flavors often associated with nutritional formulas.“Interestingly, within beverages, dairy- and dairy alternative-based beverages, such as coconut and almond milk, are growing as rapidly as juice- and water-based ones,” Hardin said, adding that Purefruit performs well in low-acid beverages in which the bitterness of Reb A-based sweeteners would be much more pronounced.

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