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During the summer months, with the abundance of produce, sunshine, warmth and activity, it can be quite easy to be raw.
In Ayurvedic or Chinese Medicine, they believe that having cooked food can be very supportive to a healthy body. Join me, Brandi Rollins, author of Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan: A Guide to Eating Raw Foods on the East Coast and Raw Foods on a Budget, for a fantastic class where I will teach you how to enjoy a raw foods diet in the winter! When I hear that comment about it being impossible to eat raw foods in winter, I remember a quote from a raw food author. You can significantly reduce your risk of cancer by incorporating more raw foods into your daily eating plan.
Raw foods are an excellent source of different enzymes that promote better digestion, healthy cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. If your cravings get out of control and you can’t curb your sweet tooth, eating raw foods will help you to solve this problem. Raw foods are usually expensive during the winter season, but it’s much cheaper during the summer and fall seasons. Raw foods are super versatile and you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make something delicious and unique. The entire point of eating raw is to maintain the enzymes and the nutritional value of the food (Click here to see video on the raw diet).
As the weather starts to turn and the temperatures drop a little, or a lot, depending upon where you are on the planet, it can be challenging to convince yourself to eat raw foods and you may find that integrating more cooked foods into your diet works great.
There is no rule to eating raw food that you have to be a 100% fanatic or that you have to follow some cult-ish diet tribe that raw raw’s around making everyone wrong for their choices.
Eat enough food to keep your metabolism moving – Sometimes people feel extra cold when they start eating raw because they are not eating enough. At least having raw elements to your diet throughout eat day will be very beneficial to you overall.

While winter isn’t the best time to start eating raw, summer is the perfect time to do it. Raw foods are higher in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and lower in toxins than cooked foods.
Moreover, eating raw foods regularly helps speed up your metabolism, thus help you lose weight.
Spending less money on foods means saving some cash for more important things you want to buy. You can make fresh salads, juices, smoothies or eat your favorite fruit and vegetables as part of your meal or snack. Many people fear or dislike eating raw during the cold winter months because they think that it keeps them cold. Enzymes are essential to all life.Enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food that we eat in order to make it usable nutrient dense fuel for our bodies.
After eating a raw meal — it’s nearly impossible to have that heavy or exhausted feeling.
Every piece of food is alive in it’s natural state and like the human body it is running ramped with electrons. Eat your raw foods at room temperature, instead of straight out of the fridge – letting things come to room temperature can make them more pleasing when it is cold out.
If you are feeling really cold, it could just be that you need to increase the amount of food that you are eating, in order to keep your metabolism burning on high gear.
Cooking foods can produce toxic carcinogens that can lead to different types of cancer and many other diseases. The thing is, raw foods provide very low CO2 emissions and you don’t waste electricity to cook them, except when you make juices or smoothies. You can have a new salad, smoothie, juice and dessert each day without spending your whole paycheck on foods that do more harm than good.

Fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are cheaper than processed foods, meat, diary and fast food. Raw foods contain almost all nutrients your body needs and they are high in water that you need to stay healthy and energized.
If we look at this process with a logical lens then we can deduct that if the food is lacking in enzymes then our bodies will work harder to break down the food with the use of it’s own self-created enzymes. As soon as living food is heated above temperatures 115˚-118˚F the molecular structure is altered.
Many vegetables offer up different health benefits when they are raw or cooked, so you can have a truly balanced and optimal diet by eating “high raw”, where a portion of your diet is raw and a portion of your diet is cooked.
Going vegan in 2007, and 100% raw shortly after that, she was able to heal her body, and was inspired to share what had helped her so much with others.Ali completed her first diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2008, Graduating from the Alive Academy.
When we cook or a living organism we essentially kill those electrons and enzymes and the food becomes more acidic or oxidizing because it steals energy from our body (think of rust, breakdown, decay). Have your steamed veggies alongside some raw pasta with a nice raw sauce or enjoy a cooked vegetable soup with fermented chickpea miso in it! Whether you stick to a semi-raw or raw food diet, you reap all its health benefits while enjoying delicious food. Eating raw food does not have to be all or nothing, and the body will often respond to a more diverse diet that includes both raw foods, and cooked foods. Though I don’t promote 100% raw food diet, I do promote semi-raw food diet that will give your body all nutrients it needs in terms of nutrition and energy. When cooked, fruits and vegetables are low in nutrients, so you think you eat healthy when in fact you don’t.

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