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He said that doctors thought he'd developed a food allergy when everything he ate started making him sick almost six years ago. People following this diet (or you could also say "lifestyle", since there are a lot of folks that eat RAW not to lose weight but for the philosophy) eat only uncooked, unheated, unprocessed, and organic plant based foods.
They drink only purified water (never tap water), freshly made juices (made with a juicer), and coconut milk. Fit's Tips: If you want to learn more about it, check out Alissa Cohen's website all about The Raw Food Diet. This is an amazing way to eat, I am about 70% raw right now and it has helped me in so many ways.
I'll mention it on yum sometime soon, but one of UK's biggest raw foodies is someone I used to work with. But while supporters claim that eating uncooked food can help you lose weight and fight chronic diseases, experts have raised concerns that they are putting their health at risk by cutting out vital food groups.
She started going to the cafe every day for a smoothie on her way to work, and would go on to have a five-year relationship with the owner — he taught her how to make the diet work.

And not just for one night, but for the rest of your life: you would never tuck into a plate of cooked food again. Many raw foodies believe that the diet makes the body more alkaline, allowing it to better fight off toxins.
Others claim that heating food causes the vitamins in it to leach out, and raises the levels of free radicals in the food, which are linked to ageing and chronic disease. And while some vitamins are lost from vegetables when we heat them, this is not true for all foods: betacarotene, the nutrient found in butternut squash, tomatoes and carrots, is much more easily absorbed into the body when it’s been cooked. Meals consist mainly of organic and raw fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds and grains, sea vegetables, nuts, and seeds since they believe cooking destroys precious vitamins and minerals. She sticks to a litre of green juice made from lettuce and herbs for breakfast, snacks on raw chocolate and berries during the day and has a large salad or soup for dinner. She hasn’t eaten anything hot for seven years, and is regularly thought to be ten years younger than her 29 years. When Susan was 22, she first started cutting out cooked food altogether — in part as a result of a broken heart.‘I’d just split up with my on-off boyfriend from university,’ she says.

Although Susan didn’t go on the diet to lose weight, she has lost a stone over the years, taking her down to 9st.
Compare her to a photograph of her 22-year-old self — taken before she started the raw food diet — and if anything she now looks more sprightly, more youthful. These days she and a chef friend have set up Twist and Sprout, ‘raw food and yoga’ retreats, as a way of winning others round to their cause. For while this ‘raw-foodist’ survives on a pretty spartan diet, she’s not the dour puritan you might expect; she understands the lure of dietary vices. Raw cakes are made in a similar way to cheesecakes, with a base created from processed almonds, dates and coconut oil, set in the fridge, while the topping is sweetened coconut milk.

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