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Maybe it’s a much needed vacation getaway, or just another one of those business trips, maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling can be a big challenge. 6) A health food bar – Choose ones that are made from whole and minimally processed ingredients and at least 8 grams of protein. If you weren’t able to pack in advance, which is ideal, you CAN make the right choice when purchasing food at the airport, train station, gas station, or bus station. It is important to stay hydrated while traveling, which is especially important on long flights.
Limit alcohol – I would suggest not doing this while you are in travel, especially if you are driving. It is definitely a challenge to find healthy food while traveling and a perfect excuse to indulge. Although your eating won’t be perfect, there are a number strategies to help you eat healthy while traveling in order to reduce the already existing stress on your body.
Also, if you’re looking at a few different hotels, search each of them in google maps prior to booking to see how close they are to surrounding grocery stores and markets. You can easily take a variety of perishable and nonperishable items with you depending on the length of your trip, and how much room you have to pack food.
A few travel-friendly accessories like reusable forks, plates, a small sharp knife, and cloth napkins will help as you prepare and eat your food throughout your stay.

Whether traveling in your own car or by taxi, plan to stop at the grocery store just before reaching your hotel or at some point shortly after you arrive to get items you weren’t able to bring.
Whether traveling for vacation or work, experiencing new, local cuisine can be the highlight of any trip. While all of these tips can help you eat healthy food while traveling, the most important thing you can do throughout your trip is to not stress about food imperfection.
So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Finding healthy food while traveling can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you want to avoid processed and non-organic food.
GIVE YOURSELF SOME LAST MINUTE OPTIONS: There are a few national chains that offer healthy food.
I must admit, I always end up feeling sluggish and run down when eating poorly during my trips. This will eliminate the cost and waste of endless amounts of plastic water bottles and cups that can add up while traveling. I appreciate your support, however, please ask permission for use of the content on this site. Restaurants typically offer processed, iodized table salt, dressings made from vegetable oils, and gluten and sugar bombs for dessert that can add up to bloat, headaches, and unpleasant digestive distress during your trip (and ain’t nobody got time for diarrhea in Disney World!) Enjoying new foods to the fullest in unfamiliar locations can be a simple as throwing a few things in your bag or purse on the way out to eat.

Especially when traveling frequently for work, keeping a semi-normal routine is crucial to overall health and longevity. We are really looking forward to our trip and now I have lots of ideas for eating well while we travel. Coconuts and I typically pack a big salad with meat (pre-dressed with our favorite olive oil) to eat on the plane during meal time. I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to stick to my way of eating, but I’ve learned that long term travel in foreign countries is tough on the digestive system! Whether you’re traveling by planes, trains or automobiles, making healthy choices when you’re away from home can be a challenge. What is nice is that most of the food I eat is local and fresh(chicken, rice, beans, veggies). It’s a great way to destress, clear your head, and avoid other behaviors (like too much eating or drinking) that prevent you from getting healthy. Long travel days also mean eating on the run, and my stapes at home (nut butters, nuts, veggies) are hard to come by, not to mention- no room to carry them!

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