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On this diet, you can eat as much as you want, as long as you are eating JUST meat and cheese. Note: I am not suggesting that you should eat a lot of fatty, high sugar foods when doing the Fast Diet BUT I am saying that they have a place in a normal, balanced diet and I am enjoying that I can, well, enjoy them. The first couple of weeks on the Fast Diet I felt tired come mid-afternoon but that was all gone this week. Get the latest in men's style, grooming, diet, fitness and pop-culture trends every Wednesday. At the same time, this week has been the hardest because of the sleep issues we are having in our house.

Your IG pics mentioning this diet and I’d assumed that Fast days meant no food, rather than simply restricted intake. This just makes me feel really good about my fast days and the whole approach in general – I feel like I’m winning at it and that inspires me to keep going!
I’m not in to the no sugar, no grain, no gluten type diets, I just love food too much and prefer to aim for moderation. I’ve got very low milk supply so need to watch that with fast days but the conceits could be good for me.
I love food and cooking and would like a balanced diet that embraces that without the gorging!!!

I always tell myself when I wake up that today is the day that I will start a diet, and stick to it. The fasting days have forced me to find other ways of coping with being tired and while it’s early days I am pleased that I am becoming more aware of why I eat.

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