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How to curl short hair with a chi flat iron,weight loss diets uk,slimming bathing suits with skirts - Within Minutes

198 Comments   I accidentally figured out how to curl my hair with my straightener when I went a little crazy trying to flip it out once, but it was a mistake that became a style I wear on a regular basis. I have horse hair as I like to call it thick frizzy unmanageable hair and it work's just fine it is an old trick. I too have very long thick hair thaat is naturally straight , and my hair curls like a dream this way ! You take the hair and clamp it in the straightener like you were going to straighten it, but then you tilt the straightener 180(half a circle) in any direction you want.. To get yours looking like that don't flip the hair over the straightener, you have to flip the straightener it's self.
Try flipping the straightener a full 360 degrees so that the end of your hair is now facing down and your hair will be wrapped fully around the straightener. You always flip it up but the direction of the curl depends if you flip it under, towards your face or out and away from your face (like in the picture).
I've been curling my hair with a flat iron for over 3 years now and I would say that I have "mastered" the art of curling. Flat ion curls hold great, I have long thick curly hair that frizzes all the time I got my hair flat iron curled for my sisters wedding and it looked great and held the curls all day. These curls are done with a flat iron.  A huge part of getting your flat iron curls to turn out is using the right kind of flat iron!

I have really straight hair and thick like yours mine won't curl with a curling iron but works great with a flat iron! My hair is the same way, I couldn't pay my hair to stay curled and we did this for my wedding and it stayed for two days!
Once you flip the straightener, the hair automatically wraps around one side of the flat iron, you don't have to do any extra work except possibly making sure the strand of hair stays on the plates as you continue to drag the straightener down your hair. If you do every curl the same direction, they start to stick together and aren't as obvious. Then just pull gently as if straightening your hair but hold onto the end of the strand to guide it through. I have found that when I want tighter curls, I put my flat iron on the highest setting to give it more of a hold. In this style, the loose curls hold for much longer, and I don't even need to use hairspray. I started curling my hair with a straightener and it hold everytime, without hairspray or anything. I also like to rotate my wrist (in the same direction as when you flipped it) at the very end to make a tighter curl on the ends. Also, I hold my flat iron vertically, as opposed to horizontally like a curling iron, and twist it away from my face to curl my hair.

Spray thermal spray (I like Redken's Iron Silk) on each section as you go rather then spraying on your whole head in the beginning. I spritz my hair lightly before curling and lightly after curling and my hair will stayed curled all day, can sleep on it, and will last most of the next day! Also, my daughter's hair is very long, thick, and never held curl from a curling iron, but her hair holds these curls!! Put your hair up on the top of your head with a scrunchie at night to keep the curls pretty for the next day(s). Drag down piece of hair until you reach the point that you want the strand to start curling. Next time you need to dress up an outfit, consider using your straightener for these loose curls.

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