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MasterChef Season 3 finalist Josh Marks learned about cooking Southern comfort food from his grandmother. Evelyn Roughton, owner of the The Crown Restaurant in Indianola, Mississippi, recently published a cookbook, The Crown of SouthernВ Cooking: Recipes from the Birthplace of the Blues. The recipe is written for one sweet potato because that’s about all a most baking sheets can comfortably hold. I used a few of my other favorite pieces kitchen while making these crispy oven fries, including my heavy duty aluminum baking sheetВ and my Silpat mat. I’m generally not a big fan of sweet potatoes, but these look like something I might like!
Although yams and sweet potatoes are both angiosperms (flowering plants), they are not related botanically. I love sweet potato fries, but what I will be making for sure are those zucchini coins….delicious!
So I think you should definitely make more side dishes, sweetie – the ones you posted here are to die for!

I’d enjoy making just the side dishes sometimes, if the main has been taken out of the equasion more time can be spent on the sides, and look how creative you have been, they both look gorgeous!
I think one medium-large potato is enough for two people to have plenty of fries as a side, but I guess it depends on how much you love sweet potato fries!
I know starting a collection of high-quality cookware can seem expensive and daunting, butВ the quality of your equipment definitely impacts your finished dishes. You might be able to find white sweet potatoes at a more speciality grocery store, like a Whole Foods or Earth Fare. Home cooked meals and CrossFit are two of our musts, but we also love hiking, diving, and paddling to work off all the tasty treats.
I tried using my mandolin slicer to cut the potato, but it was difficult to force the sweet potato over the blade and the resulting pieces were just a little too thin. For example, thin, inexpensive baking sheets pop and warp and high temperature, which can cause the fries to shift and bunch up. As far as I can tell sweet potatoes are orange, yet the grocery stores here always call them yams.

He agreed to share a holiday recipe with us, and we think his cookies make the perfect Thanksgiving dessert. I’m not normally a huge fan of sweet potato but I think I might be with the coconut oil, I think it would be a great flavor combination! This recipe would probably work with jicama, too, which isn’t as powerful as a regular sweet potato.
Because most sweet potatoes are too long to cut comfortably, I cut mine into rounds and just created shorter fries. I’ve been working on my kitchen equipment collection slowly for years and people know it’s totally okay to give me cookware for birthday and Christmas presents! Flip the fries and cook until the exteriors become browned and slightly spotty, about 10-15 minutes more.

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