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Baked sweet potato fries that are caramelized and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They are very simple to make — time to cut the potatoes, olive oil, seasonings and a hot oven. To make our sweet potato fries, we toss thin sticks of sweet potato with olive oil, salt and pepper (you could also use coconut oil or lightly flavored oil). Get Free Recipes by EmailJoin over 20,000 home cooks and sign up for our free weekly email with hand- picked recipes, giveaways and cooking inspiration.
I live out of town and hubby felt like hot chips, I didn’t have any white potatoes only sweet potatoes so gave your recipe a go. After a series of unfortunate kitchen mishaps over the last week, I decided to give up cooking for at least a couple days and focus my efforts instead on mixology at my friend Jocelyn’s Oscar Party on Sunday night.
I have been making these spicy sweet potato wedges for so long, I can’t believe I haven’t told you about them yet!
Btw, we just bought that wooden placemat at Crate and Barrel and there are no words for how infatuated I am with it.
Also I usually set the wedges on their skin side edge, that way I don’t need to flip them during cooking. Oh and the seasoning for the sweet potatoes is very intriguing, I’ll have to try it out. Sweet potatoes fried, wedged, baked, mashed and souffled have all had a role in my kitchen delights for ages now.
I just made some sweet potato fries this past weekend, with chili powder – I will have to try these next time. I love sweet potatoes to death, so while I could revolt for the delay in posting them, I think I’m going to hold that over your head for another time. I thought I was original when I made baked sweet potato fries with garlic salt, chili powder and cumin, but these look fantastic. These wedges look so wonderful- I love sweet potato wedges and your spice mixture sounds divine-who needs french fries with these!

Hey, just found your website when googling for something interesting to do with sweet potatoes. One thing I would say to the more health conscious amongst you – whenever I roast potatoes or veg of any kind, I always put about 1tbsp oil into a roasting pan and put it in the oven for 5 mins or so before adding the veg and tossing it around. I also made this one yesterday and yum…altho as cooking out of the cupboard I had to substitute and use curry powder, but it worked. Another must for this Thanksgiving (obviously the rule of thumb I follow for recipes is short and sweet)! Thanks to this evening, I now know that I like sweet potatoes and whiskeys from the isle of Islay.
Oh, I really want to make these but the sweet potatoes in the market here in Jerusalem are no good right now. Hi Janet — You can try brushing on a very thin amount of it before roasting the sweet potatoes. Make fast and easy baked sweet potatoes or yams by just wrapping them up in aluminum foil and baking at 500 degress for 1 hour. When you first wake up in the morning – this is because you were essentially fasting while you were sleeping so any calories you eat at this time gets used up for fuel and not stored as fat. When you eat from these top 3 food groups and are mindful of your nutrient timing, you can see results faster and with less effort. For her sweet potato fries recipe, she uses cornstarch and keeps the fries in the oven (turned off) for about 30 minutes after baking to make them extra crispy. I cook it for thirty minutes instead of twenty five, and they’re very crispy and delicious. David, meanwhile, was having his own kitchen melodramas, trying to recreate black-and-white cookies at home. I discovered just yesterday that I actually enjoy sweet potato fries, despite my hatred for the sweet potatoes themselves (I know, culinary blaspheme!). I got some great looking baby sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market on Sunday, and on Tuesday perused Gourmet for a great recipe, and stumbled upon the very same one that you posted above.

This kept me from having to turn the potatoes and they got crispy-ish on all sides without any fuss.
Some examples are sweet potatoes, yams, oats, quinoa, whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grains, etc.
A good Muscle Gain or Post-Workout Recovery Protein to drink before or after a workout is also good to help you get lean protein into your system fast. I find that I build muscles and lean out faster when I’m consistently taking my BCAAs. We like to keep the skins on for sweet potato fries, but if you prefer them without, go ahead and peel them. They will still get soft faster than russets, which are dryer, but these tricks help a lot.
I read elsewhere that tossing sweet potatoes with oil then _cornstarch_ works wonders for crisping skinny SP fries. The reason is no matter how perfect our nutrition plan is, we just couldn’t get all the nutrients we need from our food supply. This will be my go to for french fries though they are roasted sweet potatoes.YUM!Thank You! He posts his flawless butterscotch pudding recipe (which you should go drool over right now) and I’ll post my near-flawless black-and-white cookie recipe sometime soon. A really unusual combination of spices made my apartment smell fabulous and the potatoes were just wonderful. I love contrasting sweet with bright and sharp flavors, so this quickly became my favorite way to roast sweet potatoes.
I have a hard time choosing my favorite but I must say the allspice mixture melded well with the sweetness of the potatoes.

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