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This article will teach you how to cook meat in Minecraft, and also how to build other things that will help to cook the meat.
That being the case, cooking, farming, and ranching are all areas of crafting you will want to master as soon as you can, even if you just memorize the recipes that are useful to you (Xbox players will not need to do that, they just need to discover the recipes that they want to use which can be selected from the appropriate crafting menu and, as long as they have the correct ingredients they will auto-magically craft the item). Found as loot in chests in dungeons, these are used mostly for making Cookies, though they can be used to dye Wool Blocks brown, though since Brown is a natural Sheep color, that would appear to be a waste.
When you consider how easy it is to obtain this food resource -- most Sword types will kill a Chicken in one swing -- and you consider the fact that Chicken are one of the food-resource animals that are very easy to find (appearing on most maps) and are without question the easiest to raise in your ranch inside your Stronghold (they can be spawned by throwing Eggs at the ground and breeding using the standard Wheat method works well) they are perhaps the perfect food resource animal for players just beginning a new map and world.

Obtained by catching Raw Fish with the Fishing Rod, and then cooking it in the Furnace, Cooked Fish only restores 3 Food Bars, so while it is a convenient food item, it is not really as effective as other cooked meats. It may sound odd but Wheat is a utility plant of sorts because it is used for making food -- by itself it makes Bread, and as part of a recipe it can make Cake and Cookies -- but it also allows you to get animals to follow you (by holding the Wheat in your hand) so you can lead them back inside your Stronghold walls and into the animal pens you have built for them. As active as he is around the community, his favorite article on wikiHow is How to Do Nothing! He loves the openness of the community and how everyone encourages bold editing and suggestions to make articles better.

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