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How to cook kalderetang spare ribs,paleo diet for marathon runners,easy healthy lunch recipes for school - Review

My special beef kaldereta recipe–chunks of stewing beef sauteed in olive oil with plenty of chopped garlic, onions and tomatoes then slow cooked in a little water until fork tender. When the beef is cooked, add the fried potatoes, peas, olives, wedges of bell pepper and mashed liver. Wedges of golden fried potatoes, bells peppers and olives are added just before cooking time is up.

Second is to add water little by little during the cooking to avoid thinning the sauce too much.
Third is to use stewing beef, never loins or rounds, because the flavor of the sauce develops during the slow cooking. If the sauce becomes too dry before the meat is cooked, add more water, about half a cup at a time.

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