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So I was careful to keep the cleaning mixture just on the plates themselves and then I used a wet rag to wipe it all off when I was done instead of rinsing it. I am an educator for farouk systems the company that makes chi and its a wonderful iron but just to add to the cleanliness of the iron if you use the chi products u will rarely have the gross hair spray build up . You can use rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, ammonia, even regular spray on cleaners can be used to clean the plates of your flat iron.
One day I was whining about my flat iron follies to my friend Danielle and she suggested I use the edge of a pair of scissors to scrape the gunk off.

It nice too because it does as the same implies and vibrates so it gets the hair evenly over the flat irons. Our hair is is very stubborn so I purchased a great Chi Flat Iron for us (the only iron we have tried that actually straightens our hair. Just rub the plates with whatever the above things you have on hand and wipe clean with a damp paper towel. The fact she was trying to get across what NOT the brand of flat iron but the fact she found a way to GET RID OF THE BUILD UP!

Being that good Flat Irons can be so pricey, I like to keep ours cleaned so that it lasts longer.В  It is really quite simple to keep your flat iron clean.

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