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You already know that a reduction in calories AND resistance training is the best way to go for rapid fat loss and lean muscle building. The main point of all of the above is to simply prepare you for the kitchen when creating these Fit Buzz (And future) meal plans. Because of this, it’s better to prevent than to detect when things start to go south in regards to how you look and feel. Knowing what to eat has been made easier due the meal plans for abs series that was created in the 2nd quarter of this year.

The lifestyle diet ebook shows you how to calculate what your calorie intake should be in order to lose fat.
Well, understand that slowgress IS the best progress for super long term results… And more importantly, slowgress IS ‘progress’ (If you ACT, then you are ALWAYS producing a result, good or bad. As being too strict can turn you into that rebellious kid whose parents tried to protect them from the badness of the world, only to rebel and jump further into that badness not realizing the long term consequences. But for all other times of the day when Fit Buzz isn’t directly present in your life, follow the above.

But today, I just wanted to share some other simple tips that will help you along in preparation for those meal plans. In other words, keeping a diet that’s too clean and tasteless will only make you want to eat more of the bad foods in batches of binges.

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